July 2013

Announcing The PayPal Bill Me Later Service


We are now proud to offer PayPal’s Bill Me Later program as a means of paying for items on our site. Essentially, customers can take up to six months to pay for their purchase after they enroll in the program. For further information, click on the PayPal Bill Me Later logo located in the left hand margin of our web site.

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USPS Changes Effective July 28th, 2013


The US Postal Service initiated several important changes to their shipping options and services on July 28th, 2013, which now includes free insurance of up to $50 for domestic shipments. Other changes included offering day-specific shipping times for domestic shipping as well as the renaming of Express Mail to Priority Express. Currently, our web hosting solution is reviewing all of the changes made by the USPS and hopes to update our system by Monday, July 29th. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope you understand that any changes need to be fully tested before being deployed en masse.

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Panzerstahl Adds More Muscle to its Lineup


Quiet for several months, we were beginning to wonder if Panzerstahl had anything in the works for the back half of 2013. Well, according to our latest information, the Company intends to offer a limited edition 1:72 scale Jagdpanzer E-100 “Krokodil” (Crocodile) heavy tank destroyer this fall (#PS89005). Heavily requested by the World of Tanks online gaming community, the E-1oo is another one of those vehicles that were still in the design and testing phase in the closing months of WWII, developed as part of Germany’s standardized munitions program. Resembling an upgunned Jagdpanther, the Krokodil would have been a fearsome adversary for any tanker to encounter, capable of destroying any tank at great distances on the battlefield. Look for this new vehicle some time in September.


In other news, we’ve learned that Panzerstahl is in the process of creating other “end point” line terminating vehicles for the World of Tanks community. Expected later this fall will be a Russian IS-7 Stalin heavy tank, an experimental vehicle that never made it into production when it was debuted in 1948 (#PS89006). Like the Krokodil, the IS-7 will be a limited edition release but will not be packaged in their iconic metal tin outer container.

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Corgi Readies a Flock of Warbirds for July


While we’re waiting on their latest B-25s to arrive, we’ve learned that several additional warbirds are expected to swoop in by the end of the month. Many of the aircraft are eagerly anticipated, including their newest 1:32 scale De Havilland Mosquito fighter-bomber (##AA34605), a massive replica that truly has to be seen to be believed.



Also cleared for landing are their Dorner Do-17 light bomber (#AA38805), Messerschmitt Bf 109G-6 fighter (#AA27101), and Avro Lancaster heavy bomber (#AA34620).



We kindly ask that you review your needs now if you would still like to order any of these aircraft because we cannot guarantee that any of these beauties will be available for general sale once they come in.

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Blitz 72 Storms America


While their line of diecast military vehicles has gone cold, that doesn’t mean Blitz 72 doesn’t have a few tricks up their sleeve. Earlier today, we learned that they are producing a new line of pre-painted, 1:72 scale military figures that can be used with any 1:72 scale military vehicle range. Three WWII-era sets are slated for an August debut, with each set consisting of (6) six pre-posed figures. Each set will retail for only $17.99, making them very attractive additions to any enthusiast’s collection or diorama. The first three sets are German-themed, offering everything from infantry to support troops to panzer crews. There’s no telling how many sets are being imported into the North American marketplace, so if you’re indeed interested in scoring a few sets, run don’t walk to our all-new Blitz 72 Figures section.

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Honecker for Hannukah?


First announced back in early 2011, Minichamps’ 1:43 scale 1975 Citroen CX Limousine used by East German President Erich Honecker looked like a shoe-in for political office by diecast collectors. Earlier this year, however, we were told that it was cancelled, perhaps due to weak pre=order sales or troubling subject matter. Fast forward to July 2013, and it looks like the latest installment in the Political Leader Series is back on the campaign trail and expected later this fall (#MIN436111400). Minichamps has confirmed this curious change, so we are once again accepting pre-orders for this sleek piece of automotive history.

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Despite Slow Times, The Collectors Showcase Keeps its Head Up!


Parodies aside, The Collectors Showcase announced plans to beef up their Romans: Claudian Invasion of Britain series with an all-new barbarian figure set. Their latest introduction depicts a victorious barbarian leader clasping the head of a decapitated Roman soldier while standing near his prostrate body (#CS00748). Somewhat grotesque, the new set nevertheless conveys the ferocity of man-to-man fighting in the Age of Antiquity, and provides a colorful focal point to any toy soldier diorama. Look for the new set around the end of August.

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When the Shermans Come Rolling Along!


To coincide with our print advertising campaign, we’ve drastically reduced the price of Unimax’ 1:16 scale M4A3 Sherman medium tank to an eye-popping $199.99 plus shipping (#UNI85007). That’s a whopping $300 off of our regular every day price. Remember, several of the previous vehicles in this series are easily fetching $1,000 or more in the after-market, and there’s no telling if this will be the last vehicle Unimax plans on offering as part of their over-sized Extreme Metal series. So, if price was always a consideration, it ain’t any longer, ’cause this is one deal that’s simply too good to pass up! Be advised, that we will not honor any further discounts for this item so please do not apply any current sales coupons to this item. Orders that do include this discount will be automatically cancelled.


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Air Commander Takes Wing


Newcomer Air Commander has unveiled pictures for their upcoming pair of 1:72 scale McDonnell F-4 Phantom fighter-bombers. Based upon a pair of aircraft that served aboard USS Midway (CV-41) in the 1960s, the Company promises to deliver hyper-realistic interpretations of the famed warplanes, including etched panel lines, stenciling, tampo-printed insignia, opening cockpits, interchangeable landing gear, and a fully array of air-to-air and air-to-ground ordnance (#AC1002 and AC1003). Look for the duo to be catapulted onto the marketplace some time in October.

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Collectors Showcase Hauls Out a Crowd Favorite


Sometimes, you just can’t get enough of a mean war machine. So says The Collectors Showcase, as they relaunch one of their all-time favorites, a Panther medium tank, later this summer. Two versions of the updated battle wagon will be offered, one painted in a scintillating autumn ambush dappled camouflage scheme and the other in a whitewashed winter cloak.


This time around, however, both vehicles will reportedly sport removable schurzen side armor skirts as well as turret-mounted MG42 machine guns. Look for both perennial favorites at the end of August.

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