November 2013

We Give Thanks


As always, we give thanks for all of the many blessings we’ve received this past year, both personally and professionally. Moreover, I give thanks to our brand new son-in-law, Samir, who recently underwent a bone marrow harvest to save a child’s life, then returned to his surgical duties the very next day. I also give thanks to our prospective son-in-law, Jason, who will soon graduate from the correction officers academy and serve under the auspices of the New York City Department of Correction. Besides my wonderful wife, Robin, and our fantastic daughters, Linda and April, I give thanks for the many memories I had with my recently departed dog, Cookie, who was profiled earlier this month. A new furry friend will likely join our entourage shortly, making this an especially joyous holiday season.

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Rest in Peace Cookie the Pom

Cookie 7

In our early days, callers placing orders by phone would routinely hear our pet dog in the background, barking at the mail man walking past our house or going bonkers whenever the doorbell rang. Yesterday, at the age of 17, we were forced to put her to sleep, succumbing to a long bout with kidney disease that could no longer be controlled. Cookie was my first dog, so needless to say, she ruled the roost, which was fine by me considering she was my little buddy. In my eyes, she could do no wrong, despite our best efforts to train her. Its going to take me some time to get over her passing, and I’m sure each of you has their own story to share regarding a family pet that has gone to the hereafter.

Anyway, I’m hoping that my mom is now taking good care of her, and keeping her in tip top form until the day we can all see and play with her again.

Rest in Peace Cookie the Pom.

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Enterprise Leaves its Mooring


Unimax reports that their 1:700 sale replica of the aircraft carrier, USS Enterprise (#UNI86012) is now shipping out to their dealer network. Barring any unforeseen issues, we expect to receive our shipment just before Thanksgiving, making it available for the extended Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend. We anticipate strong sales for this item, which is likely the inaugural ship in Unimax modern era blue water navy.

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Dragon to Resume its Armor Production


The latest shipping schedule provided by Dragon shows two new 1:72 scale armor pieces pegged for a late November release. Frankly, we’re taking this information with a grain of salt, since loads of their products were announced some time ago and have yet to materialize. Still, we’re giving them the benefit of the doubt and will wait and see if these two pieces make it in time for the holidays.


The two pieces in question are this Japanese Ka-Mi amphibious vehicle (DRA60584) and a German Sd. Kfz. 231 armored car (DRA60599). Update: We are expecting both of these pieces right before Thanksgiving. Anyone that may have preordered DRA60583 will have his or her order amended to reflect an order for DRA60584.

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The Amercom Deluge is About to Roll In


Word from our Amercom distributor is that their shipment has arrived and is currently being parceled out to their dealer network. We’ve ordered enough product to fill all of our initial orders and hope to be able to obtain more Amercom inventory should we receive additional orders going forward. We anticipate taking delivery of our shipment early next week and will immediately review, process and ship ot any orders we’ve received to date.

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Hobby Master Roars in like a Lion this March


Showing no signs of abatement, Hobby Master ushered in their March introductions earlier this week. No new toolings were among the mix, although several intriguing aircraft and military vehicles were added to their order of battle, including this F-4 Wild Weasel aircraft (HA1981) painted in a tri-color camouflage pattern. All of their new offerings can be found in our November 2013 Additions subsection, found within our Product Lineup page.

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Thanksgiving, Hanukkah… Thanksgivukkah


In case you haven’t heard, Hanukkah comes especially early this year, popping up on November 28th, the same day as Thanksgiving. While some are referring to it as “Thanksgivukkah” due to its strange coincidental fall, we just wanted to remind everyone that the ‘festival of lights’ is just a few weeks away, making any sales we may be running right now all-the-more important.

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Holiday Shipping Deadlines


With the holidays just a month or so away, we’ve updated our Calendar of Events so that it now includes shipping deadlines for both UPS and USPS.The Calendar of Events can be found at the bottom of our left hand navigation menu.


Each shipper, as well as their differing methods of transport, now appear on the calendar on a day-by-day basis so we strongly recommend you consult our chart, particularly if you live outside the US or plan to take delivery of your order, close to the holidays.

Lastly, orders must be received before 4PM EST for same day delivery, otherwise parcels will be shipped out on the next business day.

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