December 2013

Hobby Master Ushered in with the New Year


Late yesterday we learned that the December shipment of Hobby Master products were en route to us and expected the first week of January. Several key introductions are among the cache, including this heavily-requested Israeli M48A2 Patton Medium Tank (#HG5503).


Also scheduled to arrive is this handsome A-10 Warthog (#HA1316) and a bevy of other modern and historical warbirds.

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Amercom Steps up its Warmaking Capabilities


Several new Amercom diecast military vehicles and helicopters were recently added to our product portfolio, bringing both sections up to robust levels. On the ground, several key introductions are being made available including this 1:72 scale M109A6 Paladin self-propelled howitzer and a Russian-liveried T-80 main battle tank.


In the air, a British Westland Scout light observation helo and US Navy Seasprite anti-submarine chopper were added to our fleet of rotary wing aircraft, as well as a heavily-requested MH-53 Sea Dragon transport helicopter. The Sea Dragon retails for $34.99 – a bit more than the other helos in the line due to its much larger size and added weight. Look for all of these new introductions some time in February.

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Forces of Valor Straps on the Osprey


Recent scuttlebutt on the forums regarding Unimax plans to offer a scale version of the V-22 Osprey can now be confirmed: the tiltrotor aircraft is indeed on the drawing board for 2014. Not expected before July, the MV-22 represents a unique choice for this prolific manufacturer, as it continues to branch out into new realms and markets. Its not clear which unit will serve as the basis for the replica or the extent to which the rotors can be tilted from the horizontal to the vertical position. Still, its nice to see at least one manufacturer thinking outside the box as they get set to announce some of their other wares for the new year.

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