2014: A Look Ahead


For those of you who have known us from the beginning, every so often we get the urge to tear down everything we’ve built and start again, so that we can serve our clientele better than before. With technology continuing to evolve, particularly in the area of e-commerce, and design inspirations pushing us forward, we’ve decided to begin the arduous process of creating our next rev of The Motor Pool. Currently, we hope to launch the new site sometime this summer, once we feel comfortable that we’ve worked out all of the bugs that inevitably creep into the design process and are fully able to move our existing files to the new service.

Some of the new features we plan to roll out are a more stylized home page, fully integrated blog, better search functionality, a more streamlined order processing and fulfillment system, videos, mobile optimization including a responsive template, more captivating product and category pages, and a variety of back office enhancements that will improve the customer and administrator experience.

We will certainly post more information once we are further along in the development of the new site, including snap shots of the work in progress, and rest assured you can still peruse our product portfolio, order merchandise and check your records on our existing site. We’re still here to serve your diecast needs.

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