January 2014

The Toy Industry Gathers in Nuremberg

Toy Fair

We are just a scant two days away from the opening of the Annual International Toy Fair held in Nuremberg, Germany. This year the show opens on Wednesday, January 29th, and we expect some important product announcements from a number of key manufacturers. Rest assured, we’ll post all of the latest developments to our web site as soon as they’re passed along to us.

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Oxford Churns Them Out in 2014


Even though they’ve indicated that they plan to change distributors in North America, that hasn’t prevented Oxford Diecast from debuting some of their upcoming models in 2014.


Several notable warbirds are in the offing, including a Do 224 Pfeil fighter, Messerschmitt Bf 108 reconnaissance plane and a Polikarpov I-16 fighter.


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Falcon Shows Us Their Talons


Curiosity seekers will be thrilled to learn that Falcon Models has released images of their first ever T=38 Talon. Depicting a bird that was attached to the USAF’s 445th Flight Test Squadron, 412th Test Wing, then deployed to Edwards AFB, during  2009 (#FA721101), their inaugural trainer looks especially looks good, and is expected to touch down some time in February. Expect other renditions, including a NASA chase plane, in the months to come.

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The Collectors Showcase Gets Smaller and More Informed


With the myriad of 2014 Toy Fairs just around the corner, The Collectors Showcase is one of the first companies to start providing details concerning their 2014 roster. Besides the usual litany of first-rate, 1:30 scale collectibles from different epochs, the Austin, Texas-based company now plans on dabbling in the wargaming market by offering a new range of 1:28 scale military miniatures called Collectors Battlefield Wargaming System.

Collectors Wargaming

Their first rule set, D-Day: Battle of Carentan, is already being shown on their web site, and should be available as early as February. Several vehicles and figure packs are included in the mix, as are separate rules sets and other accessories. We will begin listing each of the sets and hope to take pre-orders shortly.

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War Master Keeps Up their Massive Bombardment


War Master has begun revealing details concerning their early 2014 lineup. Four vehicles are expected in March, including a Dicker Max tank destroyer, Bedford QL truck with 6 Pounder anti-tank gun, Russian Katusha rocket launcher and German Sd. Kfz. 8 Famo prime mover with tank transporter.


In the air, look for a 1:72 scale representation of the Heinkel He 219 Uhu night fighter, one of the most successful introductions in the former IXO Models/Altaya series.

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Panzerstahl Continues to Pack More Punch in 2014


Building upon its initial success with the first pair of World of Tanks branded vehicles, Panzerstahl plans on offering a second duo later this winter. The first vehicle will be a 1:72 scale replica of a US T-28 super heavy tank (#PS89007), a huge beast that never actually saw service with the US Army.


Also planned is a Russian Object 704 heavy tank destroyer (#PS89008), which is based, in part, on the development of the Russian IS-3 super heavy tank towards the end of World War II. Pre-orders are now being accepted and we hope to have photos of both replicas shortly.

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The Collectors Showcase Climbs Aboard the Sturmtiger


According to The Collectors Showcase, their first AFV out of the gate in 2014 will be a German Sturmtiger. Two versions will be issued: one in a pea dot ambush scheme and the other in a whitewashed winter camouflage pattern.


One crewmen will come with the vehicle, while the two loading the rocket-propelled ammunition into the fixed turret, will be available as a separate add-on pack. Look for both replicas to roll out some time in February.

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