March 2014

Unimax Ships Out


While we were horrified to learn that Unimax’ 1:700 scale replica of the USS Enterprise has already sold out, we were, nevertheless, thrilled to discover that a new version is already undergoing sea trials. Their second version, #86017, will include a set of diminutive sailors standing on board the deck of the carrier in dress whites spelling out “E=mc2 x 40”, which signifies the 40th anniversary of the ship’s sailing in 2002. For those of you who’d rather not commemorate the “Big E’s” historic voyage, you can dismiss the troops and have them hidden away below deck out-of-sight and out-of-mind. Look for the new carrier some time in July.


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Eaglemoss Sails the Seven Seas


With Unimax’ shipbuilding program now in full swing, it made sense for other diecast makers to dip their toes in the water, so-to-speak. Partworks producer Eaglemoss has just christened its latest sequential range, which will cover many of the most legendary ships of WWI, WWII and even the present. First offered to a select audience in Japan, it makes sense that most of their early offerings are based upon the Imperial Japanese Navy, featuring some of the most iconic ships of the 20th century.


Replicated in 1:1100 scale, these intricately detailed full draught warships feature rotating turrets and elevating guns along with specially designed display plinths to hold them in place. The first combined fleet is expected in May, and each carries an affordable price tag of just $24.99.

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USPS International Tracking to Become a Reality


We’ve been in business for 14 years and it was always a daunting proposition to ship packages outside the US. Happily, all that may soon change. Our friends at the Post Office today informed us that they will soon be offering true tracking capabilities for 180 countries, much like they do for domestic shipments. So, both we and our customers will be able to follow the progress of a package from hand-off at the Post Office to the customer’s doorstep. We’ll post further information regarding this important update as soon as we learn more.

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Dragon Upguns its Armor Range


Just when we were prepared to throw in the towel concerning the on-again, off-again Dragon Armor range, comes news that they plan to offer a brand new tank this May. (#DRR60664) is a German Berge-Panther mit Pz.Kpfw.IV Turm. Turret Medium Tank (that’s certainly a mouthful), which mates a standard Panther tank chassis with a Panzer IV turret protected by a turret girdle, thereby making it a speedy yet potent armored fighting vehicle on the battlefield. Pre-orders are now being accepted for this handsome beauty.


In related news, their first Sd. Kfz. 232 armored car is slated for an April roll out. What makes this vehicle so special is the bed frame aerial antenna mounted atop the roof of the chassis, making it one of the more noticeable vehicles in the Wehrmacht’s arsenal.

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Hobby Master Provides Proof of their Pedigree


As part of their July releases, Hobby Master intends to build a 1:48 scale replica of the US Army’s famed MUTT Military Utility Tactical Truck. Their first offering portrays a top-down vehicle used during the Vietnam War (#HG1901), and will likely be followed up with versions operated by other units. Variants will also be made, including towed versions and one equipped with the M121A2 TOW wire guided missile system.

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Corgi Weighs In this April


According to the folks at Corgi, their latest 1:32 scale de Havilland Mosquito is scheduled to buzz our airfield in early April. Based on a Royal Australian Air Force Mk. VI fighter-bomber, #AA34606 was attached to 464 Squadron, which took part in support of the D-Day landings in June 1944. Wearing black-and-white Invasion Stripes, their latest behemoth measures 15-1/2 inches in length by 20-1/4 inches in width,  and bears all of the hallmark detail and authenticity we’ve all come to expect from this longstanding model maker.


Pre-orders are still being accepted although we should hear soon if this item will be allocated like some of their previous heavies.

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Century Wings Conjures Up the Original ‘Flying Tomato’


Snowboarder, Shaun White, eat your heart out.  Century Wings will soon be offering its own rendition of the ‘Flying Tomato’ – a F-14B Tomcat Fleet Defense Fighter (#CW01608) that was attached to VF-101 “Grim Reapers” way back in 1995. Even though their new Reaper Bird commands a price tag of almost double that of its first Reaper F-14, this diecast investment still seems sounds, with many older CW F-14s easily fetching double or even three times that price tag in the after market on eBay. Expect their newest blushing Tomcat some time in May.

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In With the New, Out With the Old


With so many new lines emerging, several of which are very deep and broad, we’ve decided to phase out a few lines that have been under performing or seem to be no longer supported by the manufacturer. MRC’s Easy Model line will be drawn down, since a number of new items that have been listed in their catalogs for several years running show no sign of ever making it to market. Product replenishment has also been a recurring issue, with several key items never made available from any of our suppliers.


It also appears as if Dragon has taken an indefinite hiatus, sidestepping the production of many items that were announced years ago. While we would prefer not to phase out their lines of pre-assembled vehicles, figures and aircraft, it simply doesn’t make sense to continually hype something that never comes to fruition, particularly when other companies are clamoring for more shelf space. If anything changes for the positive in the near future we will certainly make note of it, but for now it doesn’t appear as if the wheels of progress are being greased.

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Hobby Master Studies War Some More


No longer delayed due to a recurring customs issue, the February shipment of Hobby Master products is finally en route to us and scheduled to arrive the second week of March. Several notable releases are included in the shipment, including the first ever 1:72 scale diecast model of the F-35A Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter (#HA4401).


Vehicles and aircraft abound in this cache, particularly this sweet-looking 1:72 scale rendition of a German Sd. Kfz. 234/3 8-Wheeled Armored Car that was attached to the 1.SS Panzer Division LSSAH (#HG4306). Enjoy!

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Italeri Continues to Build Out is Fleet


With the first batch of aircraft now in our possession comes news that a second aerial armada is slated for a May arrival. Nine new aircraft types are among the mix, including two new helicopters, a UCAV, multi-colored Pakistani fighter and several cutting edge weapons platforms.


All of the aircraft have now been added to our site and we expect brisk sales for these inexpensive favorites.

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