June 2014

The Hornet Gets Ready to Leave its Dry Dock


Imagery is finally starting to appear for Unimax upcoming rendition of the aircraft carrier USS Hornet (#UNI86015). Slated to join the Forces of Valor fleet some time in September, the Hornet will feature Jimmy Doolittle’s squadron of B-25 bombers on its deck, just as it was configured prior to the Tokyo Raid of April 1942. The ship shown here is still devoid of its markings and insignia, as are the planes and display plinth.

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Hobby Master Strikes Hard this October


In what could well be the worst held secret in the diecast military community, Hobby Master confirmed today that they are working on a 1:72 scale replica of the Boeing F-15E Strike Eagle. Designed to waylay the countryside in October, their first ever “Mud Hen” is patterned after a bird that flew with the 391st Fighter Squadron, then deployed to Bagram Air Base, Afghanistan, during 2012 (HA4501). Priced at $103.99, the F-15E is substantially higher in price than some of its recent releases, and could signal further price hikes are in the works for newly tooled aircraft.

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The Viggen Gets Reinvigorated


Strange as it may sound, Aviation 72’s inaugural 1:72 scale replica of the Swedish Saab Viggen is already sold out at both the distributor and manufacturer level. Thankfully, a second version is already taking wing and should be in stores later this summer. On a like minded note, the Aviation 72 Saab Draken is also sold out at our distributor, although we still have a few pieces left to fill any late comer orders. Reviews have been very positive so you may want to think long and hard about these scale replicas before passing up either one of them.

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