August 2014

Upcoming Movie: Fury


Now that Brad Ptt has tied the knot, work has leaked out concerning his next acting gig, a feature film called Fury. Set in the latter stages of WWII, Pitt plays a Sherman tank commander, who must lead his lone tank into battle against a horde of Germans making a desperate attack.

You can see the trailer here:


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New Line: Modelcollect


With events in the Ukraine heating up, it should surprise no one that a new line of 1:72 scale military vehicles has surfaced that perhaps plays up to the “Russian Bear.” Modelcollect is touting a brand new line of military vehicles that are based upon the ubiquitous T-72 tank and its many derivatives, along with several newer armor that has come to the fore in recent years. We expect to take delivery of this range some time in September.  

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Enterprise Meets Einstein


Forces of Valor has acknowledged that their second take on the USS Enterprise is about to make port in mid-September (#UNI86017). This particular version comes with a set of sailors that spell out “E=MC2 x 40”, which, in Einsteinian terms, signifies the 40th anniversary of the ship’s sailing under nuclear power.

UNI86017 Compilation

Collectors can stow the sailors in a safe place if they prefer not to display the phrase on the deck of their prized carrier.

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Dragon’s 1:72 Panther Ausf. D Medium Tank is Back in the Fight


Announced some time ago, it appears as if Dragon’s 1:72 Panther Ausf. D medium tank is back on the shipping schedule, with a tentative release date of October. On a personal note, this particular vehicle is of interest to me, since it could very well be similar to the mount of our distant cousin Jurgen Dultz, a panzer ace and Oberleutnant with the Grossdeutschland Division, who was a winner of the PKA II. Stufe “25”.

Further information can be found here:

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Hobby Master Shows Us Their Sack ‘o Goodies for December


Hobby Master recently unveiled their December offerings, which cover everything from a NASA-inspired F-15D Eagle fighter (#HA4503) to a signed 1:48 scale P-47 Thunderbolt (#HA8450) flown by Colonel Steve Pisanos.


All of their latest introductions have now been listed in their respective sections and we hope to take delivery of their December cache before Santa shimmies down the chimney.

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Century Wings Gets in the Holiday Spirit


Despite the warm summer weather, Century Wings unveiled its latest addition to its growing fleet of replica warbirds – a “Santa Cat”. For those of you unfamiliar with the term, a  “Santa Cat” replaces the VF-103 “Jolly Rogers” familiar Skull-and-Crossbones logo with candy canes and a skull donning a floppy santa claus cap (#CW001613).


The new, holiday-inspired warbird is being billed as Century Wings last release of the year and will reportedly touch down in November. Only 1,200 pieces are being produced and carries a retail price of $145.

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Dragon Decides to Wage a Two-Front War


Dragon never ceases to amaze and their two newest Dragon Armor pieces should serve as a mute testament to their cause. Expected in September are a 1:72 scale rendition of a Japanese Ka-Mi amphibious tan sporting floating pontoons (#DRR60607) and a repainted PzKpfw III Ausf. M medium tank (#DRR60579) which served in southern Russia during 1943.


We expect further product announcements in the weeks to come.

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Space, The Final Frontier

Star Trek Logo 3

We’ve had great success with the Eaglemoss range of military vehicles and warships so when word reached us that a new line of collectibles was now available we jumped at the opportunity. Later this month, we will be receiving the first squadron of Star Trek-related merchandise, which replicates many of the most iconic ships seen in the TV series and feature films. While there is no set scale for these items, we believe that their intricate detail, affordable price and collectible nature will more than make up for any size deficiencies. We should have the entire range listed on our web site by August 6th and can be found within our Military Science Fiction section. Live long and prosper!

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Air Force 1 Fuels Up the Chinese Air Force


Looking to give several heavily entrenched manufacturers a run for the money, newcomer Air Force 1 Model Company announced plans to release four new 1:72 scale warbirds in September.


All four new aircraft are part of their Shenyang Collection, which includes a Peoples Liberation Army Air Force J-8B fighter (#AF100034), J-11B fighter (#AF100045), J-15 fighter (#AF100048), and J-16 strike aircraft (#AF100053).


Priced between $53 and $63, these highly detailed aircraft come with a heavy display stand and loads of features offering value and subject matter no one has yet to match.


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