November 2014

The Motor Pool’s ‘Merry Christmas’ 15% Off Sale!

Christmas Sale2

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and with good cause, because its time to celebrate our annual 15% off ‘Merry Christmas’ Sale. This sale begins on Monday, December 1st, and ends on Saturday, December 20th, 2014 This discount can be used for any type of item, from in-stock merchandise to pre-orders, back orders and special orders.

As always, we would greatly appreciate it if you could keep these orders separate and do not combine non-qualifying items with sales merchandise. If you have any questions, feel free to call or email us. Customers must apply discount code “TMP131” at the point of checkout in the coupon code box. Sale ends Sunday, December 20th, 2014, 12AM EST

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Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer


Black Friday seems to have several meanings this year, as filmmaker J.J. Abrams can mutely testify. Earlier today, the Star Wars director for Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens released the first trailers for the upcoming film, which is slated to premiere December 18th, 2015.


Interestingly, we can hear Darth Vader’s aspirator at the end of the film, the black caped figure who purportedly died in episode VI, but will likely make a flashback or “Force”-reinvigorated cameo appearance for the upcoming film. Anyway, sit back and enjoy!


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Star Trek Boldly Goes to London


According to, the proposed Paramount London Resort, scheduled to open southeast of London in 2020, will feature a Star Trek-themed area, that will include rides, attractions and other Star Trek-related cornucopia.

Paramount 2

More information concerning the planned park, as well as other areas within the resort, can be found here:

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Hobby Master Hears Ya


Perhaps its growing competition from Air Force 1 or possibly the steady decline in oil prices, but Hobby Master has taken the bold step of reducing the retail prices of several of their forthcoming aircraft. All of their F-15s, including the one we recently received (HA4501), now sell for $99.99, which drops them below the so-called price resistance barrier of $100.


Likewise, all of the F-35s have been lowered to $82.99, down a few bucks that puts them on more equal footing with the Air Force 1 offerings. Hopefully, this may signal the willingness of several diecast manufacturers to begin lowering their prices which will spur sales and gain added collectors.

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Air Force 1 Remains in the Dark


Ordinarily that tag line might be a tad offensive but in the case of Air Force 1, it hits the nail right on the head since they just announced their latest take on the P-61B Black Widow night fighter (AF10090B). Crewed by Lt. Stan Logan and Radio Operator Lt. George Kamajian, this all new look at the coveted Black Widow will come unsigned, and therefore retail for only $89.99.

AF10090B Compilation

One of the eight squadrons flying over the islands of the South Pacific, the 418th Night Fighter Squadron also has the distinction of being the top scoring unit against the Japanese and also had the only nightfighter ace in the Pacific/CBI theater. Logan’s plane “Black Panther” didn’t achieve any kills but it is a nice example of a P-61B flown by the 418th. The name and the panther outline are yellow, with white and red details on the panther. Due in January, this likely won’t be the last time we see the P-61 piercing the night.

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Falcon Models – Tough Times Ahead?


Our distributor has just informed us that the factory Falcon Models had been using has closed down and that they are currently searching for a new factory to build their models. At this time, no further information is available, so it could be some time before we begin to see their models in the production pipeline. We still have a number of their replicas in stock, although when word like this leaks out, its just a matter of time before they get snapped up by concerned collectors. With the holidays looming, we strongly recommend you check out what’s still available while you can still obtain them.

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DeAgostini Ponders, “Fancy Yourself a Ship Builder?”


Every so often, when we receive word of an impending shipment, we troll the web in search of similar products our customers might be interested in. Yesterday, we learned that a new shipment of Eaglemoss warships were headed our way, which got us to thinking about some of their competitors in the warship space. In the case of DeAgostini, we discovered that they are offering a build-it-yourself, 1:250 scale version of the IJN aircraft carrier, Akagi. Measuring over a yard in length, and bearing incredible craftsmanship, this baby has got to be seen to be believed and will likely take several months to fully kit out.


For those of you looking to showcase their modelmaking capabilities, we invite you to view the accompanying video then pay a visit to the manufacturer’s web site at:

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Eaglemoss Orders More Ships to Get Underway


According to High Seas Command, five more 1:100 scale Eaglemoss warships are expected to get underway and arrive in our port towards the end of this month. The latest squadron includes a German Type VII U-Boat (EMGC01C), an IJN Battleship, Kongo (EMGC05), an IJN Heavy Cruiser, Myoko (ENGC17), IJN Light Cruiser, Agano (EMGC26) and a US Navy Essex Class aircraft carrier, USS Intrepid (CV-11) (EMGC38).


As was the case prior, all of the ships come packaged in attractive Japanese outer cases that are accompanied by multi-page magazines written in Japanese.

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Air Force 1 Embarks Upon a Bombing Campaign


Late word from our distributor concerning Air Force 1 is quite positive – about a dozen or so new aircraft are expected to take wing in early 2015, including their first forays into the 1:144 and 1:48 scale markets. Pictured above is a 1:144 scale replica of a Xian H-6 strategic bomber (AF100039), a licensed copy of the Russian Tupolev Tu-16 twin engine bomber. Price at only $52.99, this aircraft is simply a steal and we hope that they produce a Russian version some time soon.


All of their other new aircraft introductions are now up on our site. Enjoy!

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Just How ‘Fury’-ous can Panzerstahl Get?


Since Panzerstahl has based many of its most recent vehicles on top tier vehicles found in World of Tanks, it makes sense that they should consider the ‘Easy 8’ Sherman tank known as “Fury” as an upcoming model for 2015. Wargaming, the publisher behind the massively multiplayer online game, World of Tanks, has already confirmed that they will soon be offering a look alike vehicle of “Fury” for their US tank commanders, complete with strapped on logs, crew and other tidbits that ought to score a kill or two in online battles. You can find more information on the latest WOT caisson here:

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