April 2015

Is the “Vigi” in Your Wheel House?

HA4701 Compilation

The first pix are up for Hobby Master’s soon-to-be-released US Navy North American RA-5C Vigilante Strike Bomber (HA4701) and boy do they like sweet. Representing a bird that flew with Reconnaissance Attack Squadron Six (Heavy) “Fleurs”, then embarked upon the USS Kitty Hawk (CV-63), during 1971, the “Vigi” will come with a full weapons load out and looks every bit as realistic as the platform it models. Its flight deck landing is slated for August, barring any unforeseen wave offs.

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Secret Projects Abound at Luft-X


Earlier this week, we were disappointed to learn that the next pair of Luft-X secret weapons aircraft were being delayed until July. Today, however, we learned that three more aircraft are winging their way off the drawing board and into collector’s homes around the September-October time frame. The trio include a German Messerschmitt Me 329 Fighter (#LUFT005), a German Blohm und Voss P.209.02 Fighter (LUFT006) and a German Focke-Wulf Ta 283 Interceptor (LUFT007). Priced at just $34.99, the Luft-X aircraft were an immediate hit with aviation buffs world wide and the introduction of three more secret weapons of the Luftwaffe will be welcome news to all.

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Spring Time for Dragon and Germany


Never mind the musical comedy – Dragon has indicated that their first ever German Late Production Sd. Kfz. 161 PzKpfw IV Ausf. H Medium Tank (DRR60651) has arrived at their port and are now inbound to our facility. We should have them in our grubby little hands this Friday, and will do our utmost to get out all of our orders for this item before we close up shop for the week.


In related news, their second take on the PzKpfw IV Ausf. H is due around May 8th, a few days after our return.  Good new for all you armor aficionados planning on a Spring Offensive this May.

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Eaglemoss Continues to Boldly Go


Seems as if we’re on a roll of late, at least as far as Eaglemoss goes. Over the weekend, images were posted for their fourth special edition deluxe vessel as well as two more standard issue Star Trek star ships. STSP04 represents a Klingon D4 Class Patrol Ship, built a bit larger than the standard issue ships and boasts a full color magazine with loads of information concerning its usage.

EMST0049 Compilation

Also being shown are ST0048 (on the right), a Star Trek Federation Intrepid Class Starship with Ablative Hull Armor – USS Enterprise NCC-1701-C, along with ST0049 (on the left), a Star Trek Earth Cargo Service Y Class Freighter – ECS Fortunate.

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Eaglemoss Sails the Sea Lanes


On Wednesday, we expect to receive a large back order shipment of Eaglemoss warships which encompasses some 11 SKUs. Additionally, the next five warships are on track for an early May arrival, right after we get back from a week’s vacation. The latest squadron includes the following ships:

— IJN aircraft carrier Shokaku, 1942 (EMGC14)

— IJN light cruiser Nagara, 1936 (EMGC33)

— IJN heavy cruiser Takao, 1944 (EMGC36)

— IJN battleship Kirishima, 1942 (EMGC07)

— British Royal Navy battleship HMS Nelson, 1931 (EMGC34)

We anticipate running out of these warships in rapid fashion, so its important to submit your order for any or all of these ships as soon as possible to avoid disappointment and added waiting time.
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Hobby Master “Hawks” their Hurricane

HA8601 Compilation

We did a wee bit of surfing on the Internet and managed to unearth a couple of photos of Hobby Master’s upcoming Hawker Hurricanes. Produced in 1:48 scale, their first pair of Mk. I Hurris include one flown by Sgt. J. Frantisek of 303 (Polish) Squadron, which was deployed at RAF Northolt, England, during September 1940 (HA8601). The second mount was piloted by Flying Officer W. L. McKnight, who was attached to 242 (Canadian) Squadron, then deployed to RAF Coltishall, England, during December 1940 (HA8602). Look for both warbirds some time in June.

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Air Force 1 Scales Up


While some model makers seem to be content to scale down their range, Air Force 1 seems to be hitting the gym and pumping up. A few months back, they released a bevy of 1:72 scale J-35 Joint Strike Fighters, one for each of the three different variants being produced for the military. Now, they’re infusing some steroids into their air frame, making the same aircraft in a much larger 1:48 scale. Amazingly, the first replica is expected momentarily, and is based upon the US Air Force’s “A” variant (#AF100031). Priced at just $109.99, and bearing all of the hallmark detail you’ve come to expect from Air Force 1, we know this replica will surely become a hit with collectors big and small.

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No June Swoon for Eaglemoss


While the Chicago Cubs typically take a nose dive in June, Eaglemoss Collections has other plans this coming summer. Nine new 1:43 scale military vehicles are scheduled to arrive, with another platoon of battle-hardened war wagons not-too-far-behind. Pre-order now to be assured of an early delivery.

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An Early Warning of Hobby Master’s E-2C

e-2c Compilation

Ordinarily we are loathe to posting prototype images since buyers tend to formulate premature purchasing decisions based on non-representative imagery. In the case of the E-2C, however, we are making an exception largely because there seems to be a race to market between Hobby Master and Air Force 1, two modelmakers intent to get their replicas out-the-door first. Enjoy, and remember, these are early shots aimed at giving the collector an idea as to what they can expect from each company’s mold.

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Hobby Master Puts to Sea with the US Navy


Had they been announced just a scant 24 hours earlier, we might have concluded that Hobby Master’s latest products announcements were simply an April Fool’s joke. Despite the timing, Hobby Master doesn’t seem to be pulling a fast one with their two newest toolings – a Lockheed S-3 Viking Anti-Submarine aircraft and a Northrop Grumman EA-6B Prowler Electronic Warfare Aircraft (HA4901 and HA5001 respectively).


Keep in mind that thus far only line art drawings have been posted, so product shots of both aircraft are likely still months away. Nevertheless, its encouraging to see that Hobby Master is investing the time, energy and resources into producing new toolings instead of sitting on their laurels and pumping out repaint after repaint. We applaud their efforts and recognize that without them, this niche hobby wouldn’t be where it currently is today.


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