September 2015

Air Force 1 Streaks Over the Hot Desert Sands


If you like ’em fast, like ’em high, and even like ’em signed then you better sit up and take notice because Air Force 1 may have the goods for you. Earlier today, we learned that they plan on coming out with a new take on the SR-71 Blackbird, this time around available in both an unsigned (“clean”) and signed (“dirty”) configuration (AF10088A and B). Their newest surveillance plane is based upon a mount flown by Major Terry Pappas and Captain John Manzi, which was operated over the Persian Gulf in 1987. The “dirty” version features Major Terry Pappas signature on the display base and is a paltry $10 more than the unsigned version. Look for both fliers some time in December.

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Mattel Feels a Disturbance in the Force


Two new Star Wars: The Force Awakens ships were announced today as part of Mattel’s Hot Wheels Elite series, as well as details concerning the mystery ship first announced several months back but never fully discussed. Expected some time in March 2016, the undisclosed 1:18 scale ship is actually Poe Dameron’s X-Wing fighter (HWDAG08), a central protagonist in the upcoming film and likely an important figure in the Sequel trilogy.


Slated for September, look forward to nabbing an X-Wing Resistance Fighter (MTDMK63) as well as a First Order TIE Fighter (MTDMT90).


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Eaglemoss Goes Off-Roading


Thus far, Eaglemoss 1:43 scale Military Vehicles of the Second World War series has been confined to those subjects we typically see on the battlefield. However, their seventieth introduction changes things up a bit, by offering a field grey version of the Mercedes-Benz W31 Type 4 parade limousine (EM070). For those of you still searching for the long sold out grey and white Francisco Franco version by Minichamps, this entry should serve as an excellent stop gap measure, perhaps better representing the ignominious “Grey Column” that toured the streets of Germany during the run up to WWII. While the Eaglemoss version is bereft of the side-mounted pennants and swastikas, it does comes complete with rolled up bullet proof windows. Priced at just $21.99 as compared with the Minichamps version, which is fetching four times that amount, you simply cannot go wrong with this vehicle.

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New Line: TSM Model Wings

TSMW Splash

It’s starting to get awful crowded in the Grumman hangar. We learned today of a newcomer to the model making space, TSM Model Wings, which is a brand new division of TSM Models that plans to test the diecast aviation space in a big way. To mark the occasion, they plan to kick things off with a pair of 1:72 scale F-14 Tomcats that were employed in the smash hit feature film, “Top Gun.” Amazingly, its been 30 years since the film was released to its adoring public, and comes at an especially important time, since a sequel is already in the works and expected to make its theatrical release in 2017.

Two of the central aircraft depicted in the film are being replicated – the first flown by “Maverick” and “Goose” while the other was piloted by “Iceman” and “Slider”. Additionally, several combat accessories are also in the works, including a flight deck, tow tractors, fire fighting equipment and even several flight deck crewmen. Currently, we anticipate the aircraft to buzz the tower some time in January, while the accessories are earmarked for a December release.

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Atlas Hoists the World’s Giant Aircraft on its Shoulders


Some time in November we are expecting a large shipment of Atlas Editions’ 1:144 scale aircraft from their Military Giants of the Sky Series. These are closeouts, hence the lower retail pricing of $19.99 apiece as compared with their original cost of over $25. Thirteen aircraft comprise the shipment, including several that have never been made available before, such as a Martin Model 167 light bomber and Mitsubishi Ki-21 “Sally” heavy bomber.


We’ve been told that this is a one-off shipment, so once these beauties are gone, we won’t be able to obtain more. We’ve moved a few of our remaining DeAgostini aircraft into the Atlas section, since they are one and the same not to mention are packaged in the same styrofoam and acetate covering.

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War Master Adds Gravy to the November Bird


As it presently stands, it appears as if we are in for a bumper harvest this November. Today, we learned that five more War Master 1:72 scale military vehicles are being laid out with the Thanksgiving bird, all of which should tantalize the senses and heighten the mood, if a little dry to the taste. Look for side dishes that include a Libyan 2K12 Kub Mobile Surface-to-Air Missile System (WMTK061), Russian BM-30 “Smerch” Multiple Rocket Launcher (WMTK062), German Sd. Kfz. 171 PzKpfw V Panther Ausf. A Medium Tank (WMTK063), Russian 203mm heavy howitzer (WMTK064), and a second look at the Russian JS-2 Stalin Heavy Tank (WMTK065).

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Century Wings Latest (Tom)cat on a Hot Tin Roof


For the last few years, Century Wings seems content to rely upon a pair of replica aircraft to see them through the global recession, reaping the rewards of two toolings produced well over a decade ago. While the strategy has worked, other competitors have crept into their wheelhouse, offering similar, if slightly cheaper versions of their bread-and-butter mainstays to woo away some of their audience. Be that as it may, the Company has announced yet another F-14 Fleet Defense Fighter aimed at a holiday take off, this time based upon a “D” variant which flew with its final cruise with VF-104 “Blacklions”, then embarked upon the USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72) back in 2006 (CW001617). Thus far, only a line art drawing has been provided to the trade, so we anticipate a completed mock up in the weeks ahead.

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Atlas Turns a Mess into its Message


We recognize that a great many of our customers were unable to obtain the recently released Eaglemoss 1:43 scale US GMC Wrecker Truck because, we, and other retailers, were short-shipped this item. Fortunately, Atlas Editions, the original makers of the replica, has put together its own “Lend-Lease Program” of sorts, by making available this truck once again in its original form and in its original packaging (ATL269002). Expected in November, the GMC Wrecker is one of those vehicles that formed an integral part of the US Army during WWII, oftentimes tasked with rescuing and recovering broken down equipment in the field and bringing them back to the field workshops for overhaul.


We aren’t expecting all that many pieces to show up with the holiday fixings, so we strongly recommend pre-ordering this vehicle as soon as possible to avoid being shut out of this sale a second time around.

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Mirror, Mirror, on the Eaglemoss Wall

Eaglemoss Star Trek The Official Starships Collection mirror universe ISS Enterprise cover

Eaglemoss has announced plans to offer a new subsidiary line of starships based upon some of the “mirror universe” episodes connected to the Star Trek shows. The inaugural product will be the ISS Enterprise (NCC-1701), although no date has been set for its release.

Eaglemoss Star Trek The Official Starships Collection Enterprise C-E three pack

In other matters, the Company has put together its first multi-pack gift set, just in time for the brisk holiday shopping season, and featuring three of its most recent releases (ST0046, ST0048 and ST0050). Instead of three saddle-stitch collector magazines, the set will come bundled with a thicker perfect bound edition, pooling together information found in all three individual Enterprise infotainment tales. Other similarly conceived gift sets are no doubt in the making.

Eaglemoss Star Trek The Official Starships Collection Enterprise C-E three pack models

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Prinz Eugen Sorties with the Eaglemoss Fleet


Pronounced “Oygen”, the German heavy cruiser Prinz Eugen is the latest ship to join the vast Eaglemoss Warships of the World armada. The third member of the five ship Admiral Hipper-calss heavy cruisers, she was also the largest German warship to survive the war despite seeing extensive service through out the conflict. Named after Prince Eugene of Savoy, an 18th-century Austrian general, the Prinz Eugen was involved in Operation Rheinubung with the Bismarck, Operation Cerberus and the Norwegian operations, as well as several Baltic exercises. Look for the Prinz Eugen to set sail with the Eaglemoss fleet later this year.

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