August 5, 2017

Eaglemoss Enters the Discovery Zone

Starting early in 2018, a new series of STAR TREK: DISCOVERY starships will launch, with a new ship out every month.

Its long been speculated that Eaglemoss, makers of the Star Trek Starship Series, would have a major role supporting CBS’s upcoming series Star Trek: Discovery. Earlier today it was revealed that Eaglemoss will be producing an entirely new range of starships based in the Discovery universe, all of which will be slightly larger than a standard-sized ship yet smaller than their Large Scale Series. For more information concerning the announcement, warp over to this link:

For more information on CBS’s Star Trek: Discovery, set to air on September 24th, stroll over to this site:

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Another Eaglemoss Squadron Hits the Sea Lanes

Hermes, the sole British aircraft carrier in the Eaglemoss Warships of the World navy, finally pays us a port of call visit

Four more Eaglemoss 1:1100 warships arrived at our port of call in recent days, all hot sellers and long overdue favorites for would-be captains. The newest task force includes:

EMGC67 – Royal Navy Hermes Class Aircraft Carrier – HMS Hermes (95) [With Collector Magazine] (1:1100 Scale)

EMGC69 – Imperial Japanese Navy Asahi Class Battleship – Asahi [With Collector Magazine] (1:1100 Scale)

EMGC70 – German Kriegsmarine Admiral Hipper Class Heavy Cruiser – DKM Prinz Eugen [With Collector Magazine] (1:1100 Scale)

EMGC72 – Imperial Japanese Navy Takao Class Heavy Cruiser – Maya [With Collector Magazine] (1:1100 Scale)

As a side note, I can see why the first three warships are doing well at retail, but the surprise here has been the heavy cruiser, Maya, outselling our initial forecast and already scheduled to be re-ordered by our naval procurement department. Enjoy!

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