August 15, 2017

Forces of Valor is Hunting More than Rabbits this Holiday Season

Walterson’s new portrayal of the Jagftiger heavy tank destroyer boasts lots more metal than their Unimax counterparts.

Its been awhile since we last saw product photos from Waltersons concerning their range of 1:32 Forces of Valor military vehicles. We’re still hoping for updated photos shortly, since these items are scheduled to go into production soon in order to meet the holiday deadline.

In the interim, we decided to post a couple of pre-production photos Waltersons uploaded to Facebook for two of their upcoming tank destroyers. As you can see from the images, the manufacturer is going to great lengths to return the line to its former glory when they were first introduced way back in 2002. The photos clearly demonstrate the amount of metal being used to flesh out the chassis, gun and other key areas, meaning they will be much heavier in the hand when they are completed. While its important to note that the engine compartments for the new range will come fully modeled and boast a removable engine, we thought it equally important to point out that even the accompanying crew figures are being reworked, thereby showing the Company’s commitment to quality as well as value.

Reworked crew figures will accompany each vehicle, in keeping with the Company’s belief that everything will be overhauled.

We’re still hoping for actual production photos before Labor Day, along with realistic release dates for the first group of vehicles on the docket. We will keep everyone apprised just as soon as we hear back from the manufacturer.

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DeAgostini Exclaims, “Never Say Never Again”

The USS Saratoga may have sunk beneath the waves over seventy years ago, but that doesn’t prevent it from serving in your navy today, provided you order it right away.

We often get asked if sold out items will ever return to stock. Typically we say no, since many items are made in single batches, although we have learned in recent years that some times treasure troves exist, if you turn over enough rocks. Earlier today, we were told that several sold out DeAgostini Warships of the Second World War will be returning to the high seas in November, among them the USS Saratoga, IJN Yamato, and HMS Vanguard, three of the quickest selling warships in the series. Quantities are limited, so if you are interested in procuring any of these favorites, we strongly recommend pre-ordering them now before they make port during the holiday season.

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