October 2017

Hobby Master: One Last Hoorah

We learned today that our distributor received their October shipment of Hobby Master products. Ordinarily, with a week’s vacation looming, we would ask them to hold our shipment until we return from our hiatus. But, since so many people are waiting for many of these items, particularly the Su-35, A-10 and last batch of B-26 Counter Invaders, we decided to release the shipment, with the hope that it arrives before the weekend. This would enable us to process and ship out orders before we head off for the wild blue yonder, thereby making everyone happy. So, we’re keeping our fingers crossed that the shipment doesn’t get diverted or delayed and will do our best to turn around orders connected with this shipment the moment it arrives.

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Films in Focus: Journey’s End

There seems to be no shortage of war films in recent years, although most are either skewed towards WWII, the Gulf Wars or more modern settings around the world. Enter RC Sherriff’s Journey’s End, the seminal British play about WWI. Set in a dug out in Aisne, France, in 1918, it is the story of a group of British officers, led by the mentally disintegrating young officer Stanhope, variously awaiting their fate in the face of overwhelming odds. Look for Journey’s End to storm the ramparts later this year.

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PMA’s Latest Wares Gets a Fresh Coat of Paint

PMA’s 1:72 scale German V-2 Long-Range Guided Ballistic Missile with Meillerwagen Launch Trailer and Brennstand – Camouflage [Operational Scheme]
As we kind of expected while doing research on the German V-2 rocket, PMA has added a third scheme to its Vengeance locker. Slated for a year-end delivery, the third version is clad in a camouflage pattern (P0324), which goes well with two new vehicle schemes also announced (P0318 and P0319). So, if you want a V-2 set that is painted in nearly identical colors from prime mover to launcher, you’ve finally got your wish fulfilled.

While the prime movers are not included with the V-2, you can now display them in one uniform pattern
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“Military Vehicles, Mr. Rico. Zillions of ‘Em”

Eaglemoss 1:43 1939 Mercedes-Benz Gelandewagen Typ 4 (G4) Limousine – Heer, Germany, 1939

We are about to be inundated in military vehicles. Lots of ’em. Drawn from a line in Robert Heinlein’s Starship Troopers, we have been informed that our shipment of Eaglemoss Military Vehicles of the Second World War are en route and expected early next week. Many of the 1:43 scale vehicles expected have been sold out for some time, while others have never graced our shelves, meaning a great many people have been waiting a very long time hoping to one day nab these military apparitions.

Eaglemoss 1:43 British Chevrolet C8A Heavy Utility Truck – Guards Armoured Division, Arnhem, Holland, 1944

Our Product in Transit page shows all of the vehicles contained in the shipment, so, if you are interested in adding your name to the list of hopefuls we strongly suggest you pre-order the vehicles as quickly as you can. It’s entirely feasible that this may be a once in a lifetime opportunity, since they have already indicated they may not be able to obtain more of these vehicles for the foreseeable future.

Eaglemoss 1:43 German Kfz. 70 Krupp Protze L2HI43 6×4 Cargo Truck – Unidentified Unit, Poland, 1939
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Eaglemoss Claims People Can Indeed Hear You Scream in Space

Federation Vesta Class Starship – USS Aventine NCC-82602

Hot off of Comic-com here in New York City, Eaglemoss was kind enough to provide us with several updates concerning several of their continually expanding intergalactic lines. First off, their convention exclusive USS Aventine, which was the subject of a fan-based petition, has a ship date — we expect the ship to arrive in November. If you haven’t already pre-ordered the ship we strongly suggest you do so since its become one of the critical ships in the Star Trek line.

Alien U.S.C.S.S. Nostromo

Next up, the Nostromo, the center piece of the all-new Aliens and Predator ship line, also has a street date — look for it in December. Only 3,000 pieces are being made, each with a numbered certificate of authenticity.

Battlestar Galactica Colonial Viper Mark II Fighter

Lastly, Eaglemoss is kicking off the Battlestar Galactica range with an oldie but goodie — a Colonial Viper Mark II fighter from the first televised series. The Viper is slated for a February escort mission with additional ships expected each month thereafter. Frankly, with rumors circulating that the manufacturer is considering a similarly-conceived Star Gate line, we’re beginning to wonder where people are finding the money to pay for all of these cool toys. Maybe that’s the subject of a separate debate…

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Star Wars Gets Promoted to Elite Status

Now you can make the Kessel Run with this superb 1:18 scale replica of the Millennium Falcon

At long last, we have some concrete information concerning Mattel’s range of 1:18 scale Elite diecast ships drawn from the Star Wars universe. Six products are slated for a mid-2018 release, among them a TIE fighter, X-Wing fighter and the Millennium Falcon, along with a First Order TIE fighter, Resistance X-Wing fighter, and Pom Dameron’s personal X-Wing fighter, all inspired by the feature film, Star Wars The Force Awakens.

Recreate the exploits of Pom Dameron from the feature film, Star Wars The Force Awakens

We are currently taking pre-orders for all six vehicles but may have to curtail orders should they reach our order threshold already submitted to our distributor.

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Hobby Master Shows Off Several New Toolings for 2018

Hobby Master’s 1:72 scale Sukhoi Su-27 Flanker-B Multirole Fighter – “Red 36”, 941st IAP, Barents Sea, 1987

While we are still awaiting pricing and some ancillary information, Hobby Master announced today three new toolings for 2018. In the air, the Company unveiled their first ever Sukhoi Su-27 Flanker-B multirole aircraft (HA6001), something we kind of suspected was in the wings after they announced a Su-35 earlier in the year.

Two versions of the M35 2-1.2-ton truck are expected: one in an olive green and a second in a sand scheme

On the ground, two versions of the US M35 2-1/2-ton truck were shown for the first time (HG5701 and HG5702), the successor to the ubiquitous 2-1/2-ton truck first seeing action in World War II. And finally, in a surprise move, the Company displayed their first-ever NASA Orbiter (Space Shuttle), which depicts the Atlantis in 1:200 scale (HL1401). Other new items were also made known, and we hope to have them all listed on our web site by Tuesday, October 17th, once we get the ordering information finalized.

Hobby Master launches itself into space with a 1:200 Orbiter, named after the space shuttle Atlantis
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Minichamps: We’re Back in the Saddle Again, Hopefully

Minichamps 1:12 scale 1939 Triumph Speed-Twin Motorcycle – Red

So, we’re never quite clear where we stand with Minichamps, particularly when it comes to their classic 1:12 scale motorcycles. Their release dates are never accurate, the stories behind their delays seem to change on a daily basis, and yet, despite all of the inconsistencies and inaccuracies, their bikes are some of the most sought after collectibles on the market today.

As of late last week, here is where we stand with several of their most eagerly anticipated bikes — the latest release schedule calls for the re-release of their 1939 Triumph Speed Twin motorcycle some time in early 2018 and their 1932 Brough Superior SS 100 is supposedly coming back to the market within the fourth quarter of 2017.

Minichamps 1:12 scale 1932 Brough Superior SS 100 Motorcycle – T.E. Lawrence a.k.a. “Lawrence of Arabia”

And now their pair of Vincents, first announced eight years ago, and still two of the most eagerly expected bikes ever to make it onto the manufacturer’s drawing board. Although the German Minichamps site has taken down both listings — for whatever reason — the US distributor has not been informed otherwise, and has therefore kept both bikes on their release schedule. We don’t know what to tell you folks. We are not connected with Minichamps, we continue to wish that the bikes still materialize, and have watched the asking price for the replicas increase year over year, and yet collectors are still keeping their fingers crossed that the bikes will one day show up. I know its not much to go on, and other retailers will likely tell you the same thing based upon the information they too have been provided. So, we are still asking you to hang in there and will post any further news the moment we receive it.

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Anatomy of War: The Flying Wing Gets a New Pair

The restored Ho 229 flying wing. Image courtesy of War History Online

According to War History Online, the only remaining derelict section of a German Horten Ho 229 flying wing has been completely refurbished at the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center, a part of the US Air & Space Museum, and will likely go on display for the world to see in the not-too-distant future. The Ho 229 was an advanced secret aircraft developed by the Horten Brothers for the Luftwaffe that wedded jet technology with the world’s first stealthy design. It was largely intended to be used against rampaging allied bombers in an effort to defend the Reich from further bombing raids.

For more information on the restoration, click on the following link: https://www.warhistoryonline.com/military-vehicle-news/the-horten-229-v3-flying-wing-amazing-image-collection.html

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Eaglemoss Puts the Star(s) in Star Trek

Eaglemoss’ Special Edition No. 8: Star Trek Constitution Class Cruiser – USS Franklin NCC-1743 [With Collector Magazine]
Star Trek Beyond was easily one of the best feature length Star Trek films, combining great storytelling with imaginative graphics and superb acting. That said, we are proud to have finally taken delivery of two of the ships portrayed in the film: a Constitution class cruiser, USS Franklin NCC-1743 (STSP08), and its nemesis, an Altamid Swarm ship (STSP09).

Eaglemoss’ Special Edition No. 9: Star Trek Altamid Swarm Ship [With Collector Magazine]
Both are part of the Eaglemoss Special Edition series, meaning they are larger than a standard-sized star ship and made in far fewer numbers. We are already starting to run low on both of these exciting releases and we are not sure if they will be restocked and if so, when, considering many of the earlier Special Edition releases are still on back order with no sign of their return to the Neutral Zone.

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