February 13, 2018

Films in Focus: No Better Place to Die

Tom Hanks and Dale Dye on the set of Saving Private Ryan

Sounds as if Dale Dye has finally gotten his wish. According to the web site, We Are the Mighty, US Marine, military historian and actor, Dale Dye, is teaming up with none other than screen legend, Tom Hanks, to create a feature film that retells the story of an American airborne unit in Normandy during the D-Day operation.The movie is centered around the defense of La Fiere Bridge by elements of the 82nd Airborne (“All-American”) and its pivotal role in the early stages of the Normandy campaign.

Dye had been shopping around the story/script for quite some time leading many to believe he would never get the proper backing to film the tale. Now, with Hanks in his corner, it appears as if the story will come to fruition, although no director has been named nor a producer. For more information on the news release, visit We Are the Mighty.

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Anatomy of War: The Evolution of the American Tank

The folks at Popular Mechanics just published a fascinating discussion on The Evolution of the American Tank. From the fields of France in World War I to the mountains of Afghanistan, the tank has had to endure all sorts of obstacles to their success, from anti-tank weapons and mines to ever more powerful enemies on the ground and in the air. We strongly recommend you check out the article here.

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