Eaglemoss Boldly Goes Where Others Dare Not Follow


If you like them big, “bold”, and beautiful, then you may want to grab a seat at the helm of the latest Star Trek starship about to join the fleet. According to information from Comic Con, held this weekend in New York City, Eaglemoss will begin scaling up their line of starships, offering select ships in a mega-sized format, which shows off far more detail, and possibly come illuminated. According to Ben Robinson, project manager for the Star Trek series, “all of the Enterprises” and other “hero ships” (including DS9’s USS Defiant, the USS Voyager, and possibly the USS Excelsior) would be produced in a large scale.” Judging by the photo, it would appear as if USS Enterprise NCC-1701 will kick off the series. No word concerning the exact size of the first replica, its price or date of availability, but its refreshing to see them take the series in new directions, thereby satiating even the most discriminating collector.



Along with several new standard sized starships, Eaglemoss also plans to offer new printed material this fall, in the form of a 160-page reference book series comprised of starship design articles compiled from the Collection’s individual magazines. According to Memory Alpha (http://memory-alpha.wikia.com/wiki/Star_Trek:_The_Official_Starships_Collection), the first perfect bound installment, Designing Starships Volume One, focuses on thirty-three ships and was supplemented with additional articles and concept artwork not found in the saddle stitched magazines. The first edition of one hundred copies was retailed at a recent Birmingham convention. No word as yet concerning its price and whether it will be made available in North America and elsewhere.

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