A New Squadron Sets Sail from Eaglemoss


The Imperial Russian Navy takes up arms in support of the Eaglemoss Warships of the World series with the Borodino

Four more warships have left their home port and are currently underway to us, expected early next week. The latest quartet of warships include:

  • EMGC61 – Imperial Russian Navy Borodino Class Battleship – Borodino [With Collector Magazine] (1:1100 Scale)
  • EMGC66 – Imperial Japanese Navy Mogami Class Heavy Cruiser – Suzuya [With Collector Magazine] (1:1100 Scale)
  • EMGC68 – Imperial Japanese Navy Kuma Class Light Cruiser – Kuma [With Collector Magazine] (1:1100 Scale)
  • EMGC74 – Imperial Japanese Navy Chitose Class Light Aircraft Carrier – Chitose [With Collector Magazine] (1:1100 Scale)
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