Air Force 1 Remains in the Dark


Ordinarily that tag line might be a tad offensive but in the case of Air Force 1, it hits the nail right on the head since they just announced their latest take on the P-61B Black Widow night fighter (AF10090B). Crewed by Lt. Stan Logan and Radio Operator Lt. George Kamajian, this all new look at the coveted Black Widow will come unsigned, and therefore retail for only $89.99.

AF10090B Compilation

One of the eight squadrons flying over the islands of the South Pacific, the 418th Night Fighter Squadron also has the distinction of being the top scoring unit against the Japanese and also had the only nightfighter ace in the Pacific/CBI theater. Logan’s plane “Black Panther” didn’t achieve any kills but it is a nice example of a P-61B flown by the 418th. The name and the panther outline are yellow, with white and red details on the panther. Due in January, this likely won’t be the last time we see the P-61 piercing the night.

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