AmerCom Penetrates our Air Space


Its always frustrating to see entirely new ranges made available to consumers in other parts of the world and not being able to offer these products to our customer base. Recently, that paradigm seems to be changing, with more and more international brands coming to the North American marketplace. In the case of Polish manufacturer, AmerCom, they may have an American sounding name but its only now that their entire range of military aircraft, combat vehicles and military helicopters will be made available at affordable prices in the Western Hemisphere.



While we’re thrilled to finally be able to stock the line, its going to take us several days to build out every section and add each new item to our web site since there are over 200 SKU’s that have to be added.. With the extended weekend looming, we hope to have this job completed some time next week, and can begin to immediately accept pre-orders. Stock is reportedly arriving in early November, making them ideal stocking stuffers for the holiday season.

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