Amercom Provides Some Late Night Reading Material

With several Amercom items returning to stock, we learned today that the range is finally being bundled together with their accompanying magazines. The magazines may be a bit dated and originate in Poland, but they are written in English and designed to shed some background information on the item in question, much like the Eaglemoss partworks line of Star Trek starships. Please note that not every item we currently stock comes with the magazine, so as we run out of an item each follow-on replacement will purportedly come with the full-color booklet, although this too could change should our distributor indicate they are no longer available or not included with each shipment. We’ve uploaded the cover for one particular magazine and its accompanying model, so you can get a better idea as to what to expect going forward. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that more partworks lines will come in this fashion, much as they are issued across the pond in Europe. Best of all, the additional magazine will have no impact on the item’s pricing. Henceforth, we will amend the header for each item indicating whether or not it comes with the magazine.

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