And What Of Bauer?


Many people have asked us about the fate of Heinrich Bauer’s 1:12 scale 1934 Mercedes-Benz 500K Roadster (#BAUMB500K). In today’s uncertain times, it wasn’t clear if this sumptuous car was on an indefinite delay or simply cancelled, since no word was being passed along regarding its’ disposition. Well, according to our distributor, the car is still in the works, although it is now expected in August. Just as importantly, the car now carries a sticker price of $1,995, up $400 since it was first announced. We’ve revised the pre-order price to $1,895 and need to confirm our pre-orders with the distributor by tomorrow, February 1st. So, if you were on the fence about this item, now is the time to jump in and get your feet week. We will likely not be able to obtain any more of the cars once it does come out, so we may have to close the pre-order window this week after confirming our order with the distributor. Remember, if you like your cars big, hyper-detailed, luxurious, and available in extremely limited numbers, now is the time to plunk your money down.

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