Another Quartet of Vessels Joins the Eaglemoss Fleet

Four more 1:1100 scale warships have set sail from our distributor and are expected to make port the second week of January. The four new ships include:

EMGC55 – Imperial Japanese Navy Yubari Class Light Cruiser – Yubari [With Collector Magazine] (1:1100 Scale)

EMGC56 – French Marine Nationale Bearn Class Aircraft Carrier – Bearn [With Collector Magazine] (1:1100 Scale)

EMGC57 – Imperial Japanese Navy Tone Class Heavy Cruiser – Chikuma [With Collector Magazine] (1:1100 Scale)

EMGC65 – Imperial Japanese Navy Kagero Class Destroyer – Isokaze [With Collector Magazine] (1:1100 Scale)

A battleship would have made this grouping a royal flush, but that’s the way it works in the scale warship business.

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