Arsenal Puts Its Best Foot Forward in 2018

Arsenal Tanks of the World

Recently we saw an uptick in sales in our limited line of Arsenal Tanks of the World. We weren’t sure why sales got rosier since its basically a budget-minded partworks range with but a few subjects available for us to offer. However, now we know why. Our distributor for the line informed us today of another dozen new vehicles expected this month, and likely much more as we head into Spring.

Arsenal Tanks of the World

We’ve been extremely busy this week thus far, so we will hold off posting all of the new vehicles until next week. Frankly, some of the subjects have been done ad nauseum, and others have been offered previously from other model makers. There are, however, a few SKUs of keen interest, such as each of the British tanks as well as the Michael Wittman Tiger I tank that commands a handsome sum from the Dragon Armor series. So, if you’re looking to fill in some holes in your 1:72 scale collection, and cost has always been an issue, then you likely can’t go wrong with any of the tanks produced by this Russian concern.

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