Atlas Editions Looks to Gain Market Share by Improving its Marketability

As a budget-minded line goes, Atlas Editions has always scored high marks in a number of critical areas including cost and detail, not too mention depth and breadth of range. However, from a marketability standpoint, the range has struggled, oftentimes employing simple balsa packaging and a see-through styrene cover, bereft of any information or hyperbole, to help sell the product. Recognizing these deficiencies, the Company has finally developed better packaging for some of their latest line extensions, thereby looking to better position it against the likes of Oxford Aviation, Altaya and others.

Their 1:144 scale bomber range will now come packaged as shown above while their 1:144-1:200 jet aircraft will come nestled in the packaging below. We assume other segments of the range will see a similar change in marketing format as the year progresses, all based upon impressions garnered from their collectors and authorized dealers.  

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