Calibre Wings Hints at the Devil in the Details


Perhaps riding atop a wave of enthusiasm since revealing the first product photos of their upcoming F-14s, Calibre Wings hinted at the seventh version of their 1:72 scale Tomcat, no doubt due out some time in early 2017. Earlier today, the manufacturer posted an image of “Satan in the Cross Hairs” on their Facebook page, likely indicating that VF-74 “Be-Devilers” would be their next choice for an F-14 replica. Before being disestablished in 1994, after 50 years of service, VF-74 served as an aggressor squadron that was pitted against various US Navy and Air Force squadrons. So, we don’t think its a stretch to conclude that an aggressor livery will likely be chosen to commemorate this illustrious squadron, perhaps one designed to resemble a Russian-built Su-27 fighter.

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