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Modelcollect Enters the Nuclear Age

Modelcollect’s 1:72 scale M1014 Man Tractor and BGM-109G ground launched cruise missile set, locked, loaded and ready to bear against any would-be opponents.

Perhaps taking a page from today’s headlines, Modelcollect has decided to add several of its multi-vehicle missile launcher kits to its pre-assembled range. Two sets will make the initial cut – a NATO-operated MAN M1014 tractor hauling a BGM-109G missile launcher and a US M983 HEMTT tractor carrying a Pershing II intercontinental missile and its accompanying stand and launcher. No word on pricing or dates of availability just yet but if they succeed at retail, collectors will likely be able to nab other over-sized modern vehicles in the coming months. While other companies are still making the standard fare 1:72 scale vehicles, you can’t help but congratulate Modelcollect for at least thinking outside of the box and offering something a wee bit different.

Modelcollect’s 1:72 scale US M983 Hemtt Tractor With Pershing II Missile Erector Launcher
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Corgi Fires Up the Furnaces for the First Half of 2018

The box art for the new “100 Years of the RAF” collection has been tweaked a bit to make it stand out a bit more from the standard Corgi packaging

Corgi has announced their Aviation Archive plans for the first half of 2018. No new toolings were shown, and many of the latest offerings left us a little underwhelmed considering some of the subject matter broached by other manufacturers in recent years. Still, the Company plans a new range called “100 Years of the RAF”, which, rather coincidentally, examines some of the more iconic aircraft that have waged war in the service of the Royal Air Force over the past century. Expect all of the new listings to be added to our own Aviation Archive over the next day or so.

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Modelcollect Re-purposes the Landkreuzer

Modelcollect’s P.300 mega tank developed for its Fist of War series

Looking to get as much mileage out of their molds as possible, Modecollect plans to port its soon-to-be-released Landkreuzer P.1000 Ratte mega tank to its Fist of War series. Dubbed “Grendel”, the Panzkampfwagen Ausf A P.300 mega tank is designed to work in conjunction with some of the other recently announced Fist of War sci-fi vehicles, many of which are already available in kit form and likely to be developed as pre-built models. Still no price has been assigned to either the P.1000 or P.300 mega tanks, so the jury is still out concerning where they will end up on the retail price point spectrum.

A second take on their upcoming P.300 mega tank, this one boasting over-sized Schurzen side skirts.
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Hobby Master Adds the Frogfoot to its Stable of Modern Aircraft

Hobby Master’s 1:72 scale Russian Sukhoi Su-25SM “Frogfoot” Ground Attack Aircraft – “Red 24”, Latakia Air Base, Syria, November 2015

One by one, Hobby Master has been adding all of the important aircraft in the Russian aerial arsenal to their modern aircraft foot locker. Earlier today, the manufacturer officially announced plans to produce a 1:72 scale replica of the Sukhoi Su-25 Frogfoot (HA6101), the Russian equivalent of the famed A-10 Warthog ground attack aircraft. Loaded with all sorts of ordnance, their first look at the Frogfoot will portray a warplane that recently saw action in Libya, which, along with other aircraft, have been assisting the Assad government against ISIS and other rebel factions. Look for the first Frogfoot to swoop in some time in June.

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Hobby Master Belts Out, “In the Navy”

Hobby Master’s 1:700 scale US Navy Ticonderoga Class Guided Missile Cruiser – USS Ticonderoga (CG-47)

Long a dominant player in both the military aircraft and combat vehicle segments of the market place, Hobby Master made a surprise announcement earlier today by indicating that they would finally dip their toes in the naval arena. Their first foray into naval warfare is a 1:700 scale replica of the US Navy’s USS Ticonderoga (HSP1001), the lead ship in her class of guided missile cruisers. A powerful component of the US Navy’ fleet operations in the latter half of the twentieth century, the Ticonderoga is an excellent choice as their inaugural warship and one that should sell very well at retail throughout its tenure.

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Modelcollect Hits the Rails Running in 2018

Modelcollect’s Railway Series rides the rails in 2018.

Collecting diecast military vehicles and building model railroads seem to have a synergy all their own – two pursuits that go hand-in-hand, year-after-year, much to the delight of hobbyists world over. So, it makes sense that in 2018 Modelcollect will attempt to combine the two hobbies by offering a line-up of military rail cars dubbed the Railway Series. Thus far, only a couple of flat bed rail cars are being shown on the Modecollect web site, but we’re inclined to believe that a lot more are planned for the balance of the new year. In fact, we’ve asked them to produce, what we believe, would be a number of sought after sets that would include Adolf Hitler’s personal train, Amerika, along with several WWII-era armored trains, offered in multiple configurations, liveries and nationalities. Its a grand request, but given the popularity of their vehicles thus far, we think these sets would do exceptionally well at retail, particularly if they were produced in conjunction with a number of different figure sets.

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Eaglemoss Subpeonas a Discovery Order

Eaglemoss’ Star Trek Discovery Starship Compilation

If you’ve been wondering just how many starships could be included in the Eaglemoss Discovery range, then the accompanying illustration may give you some solace and very well put your wallet in the hurt locker. Thus far, twelve computer generated renderings were found on the Eaglemoss site, covering everything from the first two ships already announced several months ago to races and vessels we’ve never even heard of. Star Trek Discovery is currently airing on the CBS All Access cable channel and, according to reports, has been renewed for a second season, meaning more ships could be in the offing. The first replica in the line, the USS Shenzhou, is currently pegged for a February release, with the Discovery following shortly thereafter.

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Atlas Editions Fills the Skies in 2018

Atlas Editions’ German Messerschmitt Me 262 Fighter – 221-Victory Ace Oblt. Heinz Baer, III./EJG 2, 1945 and RAF Hawker Tempest Mk.V Fighter – 12.5-Victory Ace Flt. Lt. D.C. Fairbanks, 274 Squadron, 1944

Late today, we learned of a new range of 1:72 scale WWII era diecast military aircraft offered by Atlas Editions. The line contains a good number of different combat aircraft as well as a separate group of twin-pack planes that make ideal gifts for the holidays. We are still in the process of listing all of the many new products in our Atlas Editions section, which should be up-and-running some time tomorrow just as soon as all of the information is posted. In the mean time, we’ve posted a sample of one of the twin-packs, which depicts a German Me 262 jet bomber alongside a RAF Hawker Tempest Mk. V fighter.

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Everything’s Ship Shape for January

Master Fighter’s 1:48 scale British Ward LaFrance M1A1 Series 5 Heavy Tow Truck – British 11th Armoured Division, Normandy, France, 1944 (1:48 Scale)

We’re ushering in 2018 in a big way with a litany of new products, kicking things off with several new 1:48 scale military vehicles in the Master Fighter range. Among the new items expected are a US Chaffee light tank (MF48602US), Ward LaFrance M1A1 Series 5 Heavy Tow Truck (MF48604UK), and a French Renault FT-17 Self-Propelled Gun with 75mm Gun BS (MF48610). After that, we are planning to take delivery of our Solido/War Master shipment, currently slated for the second week of January.

Modelcollect’s 1:72 scale German E-100 Panzer Weapons Carrier with 128mm Gun – Camouflage, 1946

Bringing up the rear look for several new items from Modelcollect and a number of eagerly anticipated weapons of war from PMA, Luft-X and Wings of the Great War. As always, we will update our Product Roundup page as soon as we get solid information from our distributors and process any pre-orders the moment the merchandise arrives.

PMA’s 1:72 scale German V-2 Long-Range Guided Ballistic Missile with Meillerwagen Launch Trailer and Brennstand – Batik Camouflage [Operational Scheme]
We are also hoping to post updated information concerning the Forces of Valor range, which has been delayed several months for any number of reasons. With the 2018 Hong Kong Toy Fair looming, imagery and release dates should be forthcoming, both for previously announced items as well as new stuff for down-the-road.

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Fist of War: Does it Have Legs?


What happens when you combine a modelmaker with a strong history of producing cutting edge military replicas with a science fiction back drop that no one has ever heard of? Apparently, you get Fist of War, a strange concoction of WWII-themed vehicles mated to over-sized, spider-like chassis with a pinch of Japanese Anime tossed in for added flavor. According to their Facebook page, sketches have been posted of skirt-attired, female Japanese soldiers that seem more at home in the weird Girls und Panzers universe than a WWII-inspired alternate reality. What they have to do with German weaponry is also anyone’s guess, another slice of sci-fi bolted on to makes things even more peculiar. It would have been nice if the Company had provided some sort of literature about the Fist of War universe to help us better understand what is going on before tackling the replicas, but I guess that would have been putting the cart before the horse, or is it the other way around?

Anyway, the first vehicle in the series – a modified E-75 heavy panzer – was uploaded to the Modelcollect web site earlier today, so we’ll let you be the judge of where these replicas should fit within the panoply of replicas we currently offer.  

Modelcollect’s upcoming P.1000 Ratte super heavy tank

In other news, we still do not know if Modelcollect plans to port its soon-to-be-released model kit of a P.1000 super heavy tank to the pre-assembled market. The Company has indicated that the model will come with seven different gun positions on the vehicle in addition to the mammoth main gun. They have also shown the kit in several configurations: one with a pair of Krupp 150mm main guns and the other with three smaller calibre main guns. A recent posting indicates that the vehicle will come with the following secondary armament:

Two (2) Kugelblitz 30mm flak guns
Two (2) Gerat 58 55mm guns
Two (2) FLaK 40 zwilling 128mm guns
Two (2) E100 flak 88 guns
Two (2) FLaK 40 128mm guns
Two Rheintochter 1 missiles

Given the amount of armament this thing will sport, its difficult to guess the ultimate size nor the final price of a fully built P.1000 super tank. We know a lot of people will shell out a lot of shekels for this beast, so we’ll wait and see how Modelcollect approaches this item in the weeks ahead.

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