Corgi Pounds Out a Bunch of Hits for Its Second Half Lineup

The centerpiece of Corgi’s second half Aviation Archive releases is this Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress ‘Little Miss Mischief’, which was attached to the USAAF’s 324th Bomb Squadron, 91st Bomb Group, and will likely be compared to the recent efforts by Air Force 1

Many ardent aviation enthusiasts weren’t holding out much hope for Corgi’s second half lineup, citing all manner-of-reason why the manufacturer was falling behind the competition. So, when word came that Corgi announced their second half releases, quite a few collectors did a double take, instantly praising the “pooch” for finally pumping out some eagerly asked for favorites. While we are still awaiting important information concerning the new introductions before posting them online, consider this: Corgi is finally offering a heavily requested Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress as part of its back half mix, giving Air Force 1 a run for the money this fall and reestablishing themselves as the predominant maker of WWII-era fliers.  

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