Disney: New Star Wars Movie Each and Every Summer

Star Wars

According to a recent press release put out by Disney, plans call for the filmmaker to release a new full-length, feature film that takes place within the Star Wars universe each summer beginning in 2015. The plan is to create a trio of sequel films to be released every other year that serve as a continuation of the space opera as we know it. Interspersed every other year within this scheme will be a new generation of one-off films that will remain true to the original Star Wars universe but take place at differing periods and perhaps introduce a bevy of new characters that fit within the tale.

Seeing as how there will likely be an avalanche of new Star Wars related memorabilia due out to coincide with the movies releases, our intent is to carry the more adult-themed collectibles, such as limited edition diecast ships and ground vehicles, or the occasional figure, rather than the burgeoning toy line likely to be made available to the big box stores. We hope to have more concrete information available when the lineup of manufacturers and their plans becomes more certain.

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