Disney Unveils a Galaxy, Far, Far Away

Star Wars Land

Looks like the Mrs. and I have a date with destiny in a few years when we take our grand kids down to Orlando, Florida. At the recently concluded Disney Expo, held in Anaheim, California, Disney Chairman, Robert Eiger, disclosed information concerning their latest theme parks. Dubbed Star Wars Land, at least for now, the new 14-acre theme park to be added to both the Disney Land property in Anaheim as well as the Disney World mega complex in Florida, will be the mecca for all things Star Wars-related, featuring rides, attractions, stores and other venues all tied together within a “space port” like cityscape. Employees dressed in Star Wars costumes will circulate among the park’s visitors, appear in make-shift bands (think the Star Wars cantina scene), and engage in light saber battles, all in an effort to breathe life into the Star Wars saga we’ve all come to know and love. No word as yet as to when the theme parks will be completed, but you can bet Disney will be throwing lots of money at these twin projects as more and more movies, games and merchandise come to the fore.

Meanwhile, other previously constructed venues will be updated accordingly, including Star Tours, while a few existing attractions, namely Space Mountain, will be renamed Hyper Space Mountain, and be spruced up to give it a more Star Wars-esque appearance. No word if a Star Wars-themed Hotel(s) will be erected for park goers, but we’re willing to bet that one or perhaps several are being discussed with the hospitality industry.

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