Dissecting Diecast: The Amazon Effect

There’s no question that Amazon has had a profound impact on the retail landscape in the main and the way in which merchandise is sold across the globe in recent years. Take into account that Amazon now offers same day delivery in some cities, and you can see why many users of the service swear by the etailer, even if they have to pay handsomely for these benefits through their Prime membership.

The problem with instant gratification, if we can call it that, is that people expect to be able to purchase a newly announced item the day and date it hits the wires. In the case of the diecast modeling industry, many items don’t fit the Amazon mold, to borrow a pun, announced simply to gauge consumer interest as a barometer of sorts to see if it pays to morph an idea from concept to production line. Other manufacturers are notorious for taking their time to release an item, oftentimes taking upwards of a year or more before their wondrous creation actually makes it to market. By that time, the average collector may have lost interest in the item, as they are constantly bombarded by competing items or other diversions competing for their discretionary dollar.

For this very reason, some services cast a dim eye towards offering online pre-orders, since it creates a bit of a stir in the market that may not be quelled for months on end. As we move forward towards becoming an omni-channel retailer, able to offer our wares on multiple venues with differing rules and regulations, we just wanted to point out that not all of our products or services will be available on every platform, and that the best source for obtaining product updates and the latest information will continue to be found on our web site.

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