Dragon Armor Pits the East vs. the West

Its been an interesting 24 hours in the Dragon Armor camp. Yesterday came word that two more German PzKpfw IV Ausf. F2 (G) medium tanks are on the horizon, long overdue mainstays of the Wehrmacht throughout the prosecution of the Second World War. The first represents a vehicle that served with the 13.Panzer Division in the Northern Caucusus region of Russia during 1942 (DRR60697), while the latter portrays a tank attached to an unidentified unit during early 1943 (DRR60698). Both are slated for an October arrival.

Meanwhile, to keep the panzers at bay, Dragon has indicated that their first pairing of T-34-85 medium tanks have left the factory, ready to go toe-to-toe with these panzers. Expected next week are a Soviet T-34/85 Mod. 1944 Medium Tank that was supplied to the 1st Battalion, 63rd Guards Tank Brigade, then serving on the Eastern Front during 1944 (DRR60255) while the second represents a Soviet T-34/85 Mod. 1944 Medium Tank that was doled out to the 38th Independent Tank Regiment, on its march through Eastern Europe in early 1945 (DRR60256).

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