Dragon Continues to Show More Armor…But Where Are They?

DRA60634Sometimes, we’re left scratching our heads. Case in point, Dragon. The Company continues to debut more and more new pre-assembled replicas on their web sites, such as this 88mm FLaK gun, but with every new product announcement the actual product pipeline seems to be growing drier and drier. Its been almost a year since their Sherman ‘Easy Eight’ medium tank (DRA60555) was shown, yet we still have no firm release date for this item. Likewise, there’s several Panzer IIIs, Ka-Mi amphibious tanks, 88mm FLaK  guns, and other hotly anticipated new items that seem to have never made it off the drawing board leaving collectors and dealers in a lurch.

Frankly, we’re not certain as to why any diecast manufacturer would continue to announce new items when so many are still on the back burner. This observation isn’t designed to point the finger at any one particular manufacturer that routinely seems to adopt this strategy, since several companies are guilty of this disturbing trend. In the end, however, it sours the consumer leaving them wondering why a manufacturer would, in effect, turn a blind eye to their collector base when more and more competitors appear to be nipping at their heels.

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