Dragon Embarks Upon a Space Shot


Looking to pierce the heavens and tear a page out of our space faring play book, Dragon today announced a 1:400 scale replica of the Space Shuttle “Discovery” which comes complete with its Crawler Transporter (DRW56391). According to Dragon’s own marketing literature:

the entire assembly of the Shuttle Discovery (with attached External Tank and two Solid Rocket Boosters) plus the MLP and Tractor-Crawler are produced in minute detail. Fine details such as the track links on the four tractors are all perfectly replicated. Even areas that are hidden (e.g. the inside surface of the MLP) are all fully furnished and painted. Discovery had the honor of conducting more flights than any other Shuttle – 39 missions spread over 27 years – and this astonishing Space Collection model from Dragon Wings is the perfect way to commemorate its accomplishments.

DRW56391a DRW56391c DRW56391b

Currently, this all-new set is scheduled for a March lift off, and carries into orbit a very affordable price of just $89.99. Godspeed Discovery!

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