Dragon Fans Out For Our Winter of Discontent


Admittedly, we’ve let our action figures section tail off of late, largely because there really hasn’t been anything to crow about lately. Well, the dry spell seems to have run its course and now it appears as if a truly awe-inspiring product is about to see the light of day. According to Dragon, their 13th Anniversary figure, “Igor Ivanovich Bazarov”, is nearing release, and already looks to be a winner (DRF70385). This all-new light machine gunner comes complete with an Aerosan RF-8 which is a type of propeller-driven snowmobile, running on skis, used for communications, mail deliveries, medical aid, emergency recovery and border patrolling in northern Russia, as well as for recreation. Aerosanis were used by the Soviet Red Army during the Winter War and World War II.

According to research, the first aerosanis may have been built between 1903-05 by Sergei Nezhdanovsky. In 1909–10 young Igor Sikorsky tested self designed aerosani, before he built multi-engine airplanes and helicopters. They were very light plywood vehicles on skis, propelled by old airplane engines and propellers.

Priced at $269.99, this is a marvelous way of reintroducing enthusiasts to the world of action figures and a terrific centerpiece to anyone’s military replica collection.

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