Dragon Gases Up Their Armored Ranks, Aircraft and Space Vehicles


Finally, Dragon is showing signs of life with plans to roll out several eagerly awaited 1:72 scale armored pieces throughout the month of June. Their first German VK 45.02 (P)H Ausf. A Heavy Tank is already headed to the front lines (DRR60531) as is their second Ersatz M10 tank destroyer (#DRR60649). Several of their Panzer III medium tanks are reportedly not too far behind as is their second German VK 45.02 (P)V Ausf. A Heavy Tank (DRR60587).


Also expected is their 1:144 scale rendition of a USAF Lockheed U-2R Spy Plane, first announced way back in 2012 (#DRW51017). Nicknamed “Dragon Lady”, this all-black reconnaissance bird was attached to the 9th Reconnaissance Wing before being retired.


Lastly, their Space Collection series got a kick in the arse with the release of a 1:400 scale replica of a NASA Space Shuttle Discovery with Crawler Transporter (#DRW56391). Look for these and other exciting new products to show up over the course of the next couple of weeks.

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