Dragon Makes a Stunning Return


When stalwarts such as Dragon mysteriously disappear from the scene, you have to wonder if something nefarious is going on without your knowledge. For several months running, this company was announcing an ever growing array of new 1:72 scale armor, all of which never seemed to materialize. Fortunately, this may be changing, with two new pieces due to make their debut later this month. The first up for your consideration is an M10 Ersatz tank destroyer (DRR60529), which was used with great success by German commandos during the Battle of the Bulge winter counteroffensive.


Also expected is their first ever German VK 45.02 (P)V Ausf. A heavy tank (DRR60530), which mounts a curved Porsche turret atop the forward deck of a King Tiger chassis. Other variants are expected in May, all designed to round out some of the so-called ‘Paper Panzers’ that were contemplated but never actually deployed en masse against the Western powers. Both vehicles are part of their newly introduced Ultimate Armor collection, with other oddities due out later this year.

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