Dragon Returns to Space in a Big Way


Apparently, Dragon’s on-again, off-again Space program has been taken off life support and will soon be offering two 1:48 scale dioramas. First announced way back in 2011, and now showing up again on the Dragon web site, the two upscaled dioramas feature the Apollo 11 “Eagle” Lunar Module (#DRW52501) as well as a matching Apollo 11 Command Service Module (CSM) (#DRW52503).


Unlike their previous 1:72 dioramas, the new and much larger 1:48 scale vignettes boast added-features and detail that could not be integrated into the smaller sets. We’ll keep our fingers crossed that the new sets (along with a handful of previously released 1:72 scale sets now being reissued) will indeed be cleared for liftoff this July.

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