Dragon Steps it Up for 2013


They say “all good things come to those that wait.” In the collectibles business, these words have never rung truer, as more and more new products seem to get pushed back indefinitely. One item seemingly on the back burner for eons is Dragon’s USAF Northrop XB-35 Experimental Heavy Bomber, first announced in January 2012 (DRW52013). Fast forward a year later, and lo and behold this coveted experimental warplane is finally headed to store shelves, gleaming in all of its metallic skin glory.

Interestingly enough, the Company is also reintroducing several long sold out 1:72 and 1:144 scale aircraft that many people have been asking for but couldn’t quite find in today’s market. We’ve opened them up again for resale, and expect them, along with the XB-35, some time in early January.

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