Eaglemoss: A New Month, a New Navy


German Kaiserliche Eaglemoss 1:1100 scale Marine Derfflinger Class Battlecruiser – SMS Derfflinger

As the saying goes, March roars in like a lion, and apparently so does the Eaglemoss navy. Four new warships have put to sea and are expected to make our port of call next week, further adding to our growing fleet of World War I/II-era warships. The four new 1:1100 scale warships include the following:

EMGC58 – German Kaiserliche Marine Derfflinger Class Battlecruiser – SMS Derfflinger

EMGC59 – Imperial Japanese Navy Sendai Class Light Cruiser – Sendai

EMGC62 – Imperial Japanese Navy Myoko Class Heavy Cruiser – Nachi

EMGC71 – Imperial Japanese Navy Akizuki Class Destroyer – Akizuki

All four come in their original bookcase format packaging and are bundled with a Japanese-written magazine outlining the history, details and war record of the ship in question. Enjoy!

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