Eaglemoss Fires Up the Star Trek Conveyor Belt


Eaglemoss Star Trek Federation Nova Class Starship – USS Rhode Island NCC-72701. Comes with a collector magazine

Now that Chinese New Year has slipped into the intergalactic rear view mirror, Eaglemoss Collections has shed light on some of their Star Trek standard issue releases slated for a mid year release. Six starships are pegged to get underway this summer, among them the following:

#EMST0093 – ECS Horizon J-Class Freighter (Shipping May)

#EMST0094 – Suliban Cell Ship (Shipping May)

#EMST0095 – Federation New Orleans Class Starship – USS Kyushu (NCC-65491) (Shipping June)

#EMST0096 – Orion Scout Ship (Shipping June)

#EMST0097 – Federation Academy Flight Trainer (Shipping July)

#EMST0098 – Federation  Nova Class Starship – USS Rhode Island (NCC-72701) (Shipping July)

In related news, we’ve reduced the selling price for each standard sized starship from $24.99 to $21.99, making them even more affordable, particularly when purchasing them en masse.

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