Eaglemoss Offers More than a Penny for your Thoughts


UK-based Eaglemoss Collections will soon be launching a “partwork” line of diecast military vehicles aimed at the European market. A “partwork” is a written publication released as a series of planned magazine-like issues over a period of time. If the line does well, it may be offered here in North America, although its not clear, at present, if we’re talking a 1:43 or 1:72 scale range, whether or not the line will be based solely on World War II, and if the vehicles will come bundled with each issue or sold separately much like the Altaya/ IXO Models collection.

Anyway, they’ve asked us to post a link to their survey page,  which essentially asks our clientele about their collecting criteria. According to the literature, respondents will be entered into a drawing whereby they can win a complete range as they are released. The survey can be found here:



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