Eaglemoss Rings the Ship-to-Shore Bell


Our distributor for the Eaglemoss Warships of the World line has confirmed that a massive fleet of models has weighed anchor from Asia and should be arriving in port sometime towards the end of July. Oddly, at this late date, we still don’t know which ships are expected, both new and old, so we are unable to update our web site accordingly and possibly assign new anticipated release dates for any late comers. On the other hand, its entirely possible all of the new ships could be headed our way, which would obviously require some work on our part to get all of our old orders ready for processing and shipment. So, if you’re thinking about placing an order for some of the ships currently unavailable, we would strongly recommend you do so quickly, because it its entirely possible all of the new ships will be spoken for as soon as they do arrive. We hate to disappoint, but don’t say we didn’t warn you, if the fleet heads back out to see as soon as they land.

Update: The Eaglemoss navy has made landfall. In addition to all of our back ordered warships, the following new ships are expected to head into port by the end of this week:

  1. EMGC42:  IJN heavy cruiser Kako, 1942.  The second vessel in the two-ship Furutaka class.
  2. EMGC44:  IJN aircraft carrier Hosho, 1944.  The world’s first commissioned ship designed and built as an aircraft carrier.
  3. EMGC45:  IJN battleship Satsuma, 1910.  A semi-dreadnought design, Satsuma was the first battleship built in Japan.
  4. EMGC46:  HMS Prince of Wales, 1941.  Prince of Wales fought in the Battle of the Denmark Strait (the sinking of the Bismarck) before being sunk herself in the Pacific in 1941.

Better take a look at them soon, cause they will likely get gobbled up quickly.

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