Eaglemoss Stokes the Fires of the Star Trek Universe


Eaglemoss’ inaugural large scale take on the USS Enterprise NCC-1701

Apparently, late March is shaping up to be a big month for all things Star Trek. Not only were a number of new Star Trek-related merchandise announced by Eaglemoss last week, the Company also primed the pump and is now delivering on several products that were announced several months ago.

Perhaps the most noteworthy newcomer is their inaugural large scale starship, which is based upon the iconic USS Enterprise NCC-1701. Measuring some eleven inches in length (as compared with a 5-inch standard-sized Enterprise) and packaged with the customary collector magazine, we predict this one to sell out quickly, no doubt forming the cornerstone to an entirely new segment of the Eaglemoss universe. Also arriving is their first Designing Starships reference guide, a 160-page full-color, hardbound book detailing the creation of many of the earliest standard-sized starships. Of course, no discussion would be complete without a survey of the newest standard-sized ships to join the Eaglemoss navy. They are, in chronological order:

EMST0086 – Star Trek Gorn Starship [With Collector Magazine]

EMST0087 – Star Trek Federation Aeon Timeship [With Collector Magazine]

EMST0088 – Star Trek Vulcan Civilian Trasport – Vahklas [With Collector Magazine]

EMST0089 – Star Trek Federation Starship – USS Enterprise NCC-1701-J [With Collector Magazine]

EMST0090 – Star Trek Romulan Scout Ship [With Collector Magazine]

EMST0091 – Star Trek Federation Starship – USS Saratoga NCC-31911 [With Collector Magazine]

All of these highly sought after items are now in stock.

Star Trek Designing Starships: Volume One, in its full-color, 160-page, hardbound glory
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