Ebay’s Global Shipping Program

Ebay GLobal Shipping Logo

A few months ago, we indicated that we had enrolled and been approved to enter ebay’s Global Shipping Program, which enables us to ship ebay-related sales globally to participating countries. We are happy to report that this program is now live and fully functional.


To determine the shipping and import costs to your country, simply click on the Shipping and Payment tab located within the body of each ebay listing. Next, click on your country from the drop down menu (if your country has been approved to participate in the Global Shipping Program). The buyer can now see, up front, what all of his or her shipping related-costs will be prior to purchasing the merchandise so there are no unexpected surprises once the item clears customs.


Keep in mind that we will be shipping said items to ebay’s fulfillment center, which is located in Kentucky, and ebay will now be responsible for shipping the merchandise direct to the consumer. Ebay will also provide both the seller and the buyer a tracking number, which permits both parties to track the parcel from start to finish. If you have any further questions regarding this program, feel free to contact us or ebay’s customer service.

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