Fabbri Loads ‘Em Up Again and Fires


Just when you thought it was safe to dip your toe again in the diecast waters comes news that a further eight 1:72 scale military vehicles are being released this month by Fabbri (and distributed through Eaglemoss). The latest grouping includes a Su-100 tank destroyer (#EMR0026), BTR-60 armored personnel carrier (#EMR0027), 2S9-S Nona amphibious tank (#EMR0059), GAZ 2330 infantry mobility vehicle (#EMR0060), British-built Matilda Mk. II infantry tank in Rusian livery (#EMR0061), US-built M3 Lee medium tank in Russian livery (#EMR0062), T-34/85 medium tank in winter camouflage (#EMR0063) and finally a PT-76 amphibious light tank (#EMR0069). All eight vehicles are reportedly available now at our distributor so we should have them in stock in a few days.

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