Forces of Valor Takes Aim at Two Theatres of War

Waltersons upcoming 88mm FLaK gun will come in two flavors, including an all-new DAK scheme

On their Facebook page, Waltersons acknowledged plans to release two different versions of their German 88mm Flak gun: one will likely be patterned off of an existing livery, likely an early war field grey or whitewashed version, while the second replica will be based on a gun used in North Africa by the Deutsches Afrika Korps. Interestingly, the second version will come with a complement of eight figures instead of the usual five, one being the Desert Fox himself, Erwin Rommel. The other additional figures are ammunition proximity fuse operators. Its also not clear if the DAK version will be priced the same as the early war version, seeing as it boasts three additional painted figures. So, for now, we’ve listed the DAK version on our site at the same price as the grey one, until we hear otherwise. We’re guessing that Waltersons will also produce two versions of the Sd Kfz. 7 prime mover, which was used to tow the guns, both in the same schemes as the 88mm FLaK guns. Time will tell if we are correct.

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