Forces of Valor: The June Update

While the bulk of the first wave of 1:32 scale vehicles are upgraded retreads from the Unimax series, the first new vehicle collectors can expect is a German Sturmtiger assault mortar. Blue areas on the vehicle indicate where metal is being used to replicate the vehicle rather than plastic, thereby returning the series to its earliest roots

Waltersons was gracious enough to post the current status of their 1:32 scale military vehicle line on Facebook. Rather than share snippets of information with our customers, we thought it made more sense to simply copy and paste their text verbatim, so you can draw your own conclusions as to when their first vehicles are expected:

Sorry for the late update everyone! It has been 4 months since we began the preparation of the battleships series, and all 8 ships are now in production line, started fulfilling all the export orders. Meanwhile our team has begun working on the 1/32 scale tank series and the 1/72 scale modern fighter aircrafts series, the first few 1/32 scale tanks rolling out will be the following:

1) 88mm Flak gun with 5 figurines (German grey)
2) 88mm Flak gun with 8 figurines including Desert Fox (Desert yellow)
3) Sherman Firefly Vc. with full engine details enhancement
4) Jagdpanther Early production with full engine details enhancement
5) JagdTiger w/ Henschel wheels with full engine details enhancement & couple open hatches
6) German Tiger I Late production w/ many new parts & engine details
7) German Tiger I Mid production w/ many new parts & engine details
8) Soviet T-34-85 w/ new hull, road wheels, tracks etc…
9) German Elefant w/ zimmerit, not so much changes except colour enhancement because the original Unimax version was well done.

See below pictures from our SturmTiger development, reference were taken from actual sturmtiger @ Munster Museum Germany. We are putting more machines & tool makers in shop floor to expedite the development. That being said, the SturmTiger should be available in 2017 Q4. We heard so much about FOV fans wanted, and we will go back to basic, areas highlighted in blue will be made by METAL!! Tons of metal, tons of steel, long live the FOV slogan 🙂

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