Has Forces of Valor Gone AWOL?

Well, its the last day at the Nuremberg Toy Fair and thus far we haven’t heard a peep from Waltersons, the new owners of the Forces of Valor brand. That doesn’t necessarily spell doom and gloom. Far from it. It could very well mean that they are so busy that they haven’t found the time to post any of their latest introductions online. So, rather than contact us and hear the same old story of not learning anything new, we would prefer that you contact them directly and perhaps get it firsthand. Oh, and if you do learn anything, please be good enough to share it with us and everyone else.







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One comment on Has Forces of Valor Gone AWOL?

  1. Last post was on Dec 24. they were starting to move into new factory space. nothing since. they did comment about up coming production. think they are in way over their head right now. Am looking forward to new 1:700 ships……if they return.


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