Hobby Master Conjures Up Several Masterpieces for 2018

Hobby Master’s USAF Boeing F-15C Eagle Multi-Role Fighter – Oregon ANG, 75th Anniversary

Even though we haven’t quite made it to the end of the year, that doesn’t mean several manufacturers aren’t already looking ahead to the following year to ply their craft. In the case of Hobby Master, the Company has announced several new items for a May/June release, upping their game in the process and further cementing their role in the aviation market.

As you can see by the accompanying illustration, Hobby Master feels it can finally address some of the more intricate patterns that adorn a number of aircraft, tackling some of the more difficult camouflage patterns as well as some of the more detailed artwork. This particular scheme was employed by the Oregon Air National Guard on their F-15Cs in 2016. Further down-the-road, we will likely see some of the beautiful patterns the Japanese Air Self Defense Forces apply to their F-15s, as well as a number of mottling camouflage patterns that were used on the Luftwaffe’s night fighters.

In any event, we have listed all of the latest Hobby Master aircraft announced yesterday and expect others to be added as we near the New Year!

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