Hobby Master Fires Up their Production Machine


We were beginning to wonder what happened to Hobby Master in the wake of February’s Chinese New Year. Turns out, they had several projects in the offing, all slated for an August release. Among them are their second portrayal of the Grumman EA-6B Prowler Electronic Warfare Aircraft (HA5002), two eagerly awaited F-111 Aardvark Strike Aircraft (HA 3017 and HA3018), an Iranian F-14 Tomcat (HA5205), all-new 1:48 scale P-51B Mustang (HA8508) and another take on their 1:72 scale M48A3 Patton tank (HG5508).


All of these items along with several others have now been posted to our web site and we are now accepting pre-orders for them.


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One comment on Hobby Master Fires Up their Production Machine

  1. I noticed that Hobby Master released models from the Ace Combat video games series.Will the Motor Pool be making these models availible as well Hasegawa and Tommy Tec?


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